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BRUNEAU - GROUPE 3SI integrates energy savings in their company’s premium incentives

4. Environment

Energy / Greenhouse Gases (GHG)


The GROUPE 3SI is actively working on an environmental management process which includes investing in renewable energies (wind, biomass, solar panels).  It’s subsidiary, BRUNEAU (certified QSE) is particularly interested in reducing energy consumption. 


  •  Encourage employees to reduce electricity consumption in buildings by establishing a performance indicator which is integrated into their incentive bonuses.


- Total annual electricity consumption of the site (kw/h)/Number of working days
- Negotiation with social partners to change the incentive agreement and incorporate the indicator targets
- Awareness, information, and staff training
- Communication tools and information (insert “energy saving” signage in the local newsletter “Planet BRUNEAU”…) and in partnership with the WWF Association Attitute Planet Guide
- Establishment of a network of environmental correspondents in all departments to relay messages
- Awareness of taking up good habits: systematically turning off electricity during lunch breaks and lighting management according to occupation of premises (offices, meeting rooms, restrooms, etc) along with using florescent lighting in priority and “environmentally friendly” labelled material for new equipment.
- Monthly monitoring information by e-mail to all staff on the results, and communication in the internal newsletter and the intranet.
- Establishment of a bonus of .16 months of gross monthly salary for each employee to achieve the objective
- Implementation of additional means for limiting power consumption: solar panels for hot water supply, outdoor lighting controlled according to brightness, presence detection radars, replacement of obsolete equipment with more energy efficient equipment.


  •  Consistency with the “Sustainable Development” commitment and ISO 14 001 certification group
  • Reduction of daily electrical consumption of 6.5% for the past 5 years (1412 KW/h)
  • Real economic gains during this period ≈ 50 K €
  • Less CO2 emissions in this period ≈ -20 tonnes CO2


  •  A involved process in anchoring eco-citizen behaviour
  • Energy saving habits which are transferable at home
  • A concrete and easy for all environmental commitment process
235 700 K€ (2001)


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