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CAP SEMENCES accompanies farmers in the responsible production of seeds on the farm

4. Environment

Green design


A small enterprise located at Saint Omer (62), Cap Semences is a ‘‘seed sorter’‘.  The enterprise helps farmers sort, clean, calibrate and process seeds. These seeds come from the previous summer harvest and are made ready for replanting in autumn. 



  • Preserve the environment, by using phytosanitary products adapted to the needs of the plots of land.
  • Maintain autonomous production of seeds at the farm, a traditional practice for regional farms and an alternative to the delocalization of the seed industry
  • Improve the comfort and safety of operators at the work site


The enterprise helps 2000 farmers in Nord-Pas de Calais and Picardie to produce their own seeds. Autonomous production of seeds allows the farmer to plant on the same land the fruits from the previous harvest rather than each year buy seeds from the seed industry. These “farm seeds” give the farmer greater freedom of choice and preserve species no longer available on the seed market, which helps promote local biodiversity. The seeds are sorted at the site where they will be planted, thus a substantial transport saving and guaranteed traceability.  The process applied by Cap Semences allows use of phytosanitary products targeted to the specific needs of each plot and soil type. This helps reduce insecticide use by 60% compared with pre-processed seeds sold on the market. In order to reduce the impact on health and the environment, empty packaging and expired phytosanitary products are retrieved and 100% recycled. Cap Semences innovates by investing in automation. This means the operator can apply the phytosanitary products around the seed in complete safety. The trucks are covered with tarpaulins to make working outside more secure, so that the seeds can continue to be processed in a dry environment even if it rains.  To legitimize and develop its environmental approach, the enterprise is seeking ISO 14001 collective certification (planned in 2013) with EDT Perspectives Nord-Pas de Calais.


  • Recognition as specialist by its clientele 
  • Over 6 years between 2005 and 2011: 
  • Revenues x 2
  • Doubling of the client portfolio 
  • Number of trucks increased from 3 to 5 
  • Increase in cadence from 5 tests per hour to 10 tests per hour 
  • Current revenue x 5  
  • Leader in its business sector in the Nord-Pas de Calais


  • Use of insecticides on seeds cut by 60%
  • Biodiversity: agricultural varieties preserved
  • Limitation of the impact of packaging
  • Savings on transport
  • In 2011, 70% of seeds managed by the secured treatment process; 100% in 2013
  • Customers: seed costs cut by 30 to 50% 
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173, rue de Thérouanne


Sylvain DUCROQUET, Gérant - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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