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Clayrton's has implemented simple but effective actions to reduce energy consumption

4. Environment

Energy / Greenhouse Gases (GHG)


Clayrton's, a family-run company founded in Roubaix in 1968 and specialized in packaging and decoration accessories for florists, has expanded its activity to festive decoration, gift wrapping and shops. Together will all of its employees Clayrton's has been committed to promoting the sustainable development initiative called "Green Power" since 2007. The trigger for this positioning was the concern for the environment.


• Reducing energy consumption.

• Raising the awareness of its stakeholders regarding energy savings.


Following an energy appraisal carried out in 2008 during a collective operation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Clayrton's has built an action plan in recent years which is focused on:

- regulating the heating of the offices & factory (times of presence),

- installation and timing of thermostat on air heaters (hot air vents)

- insulation of all heating pipework,

- thermal insulation of printing machine tunnels,

- change of office windows,

- compressor control,

- shutting down the ink station during evenings and weekends,

- tracking compressed air leakage,

- switching to Led lighting in a significant part of the production,

- installation of diffusers on the taps,

- automatic lighting...

Clayrton's raises the awareness of its employees by installing billboards: "Turn off the lights", "shut down the machines", "shut off the water" ...


• Turnover + 26% since 2007

• 50% reduction in water consumption since 2010

• 40% reduction in gas consumption since 2010


Efforts to reduce energy consumption have reduced emissions by 244 TeqC over 2013/2014.

63 salariés (2015)
13 050 000 € (2015)


41, rue Saint Antoine


Tristan GUIREC-LEPOUTRE, Directeur Marketing et Commercial, 03 20 20 99 80, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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