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COLAS innovates in road surfaces

4. Environment

Green design


World leader in building and road maintenance, Colas has expanded its activities to all infrastructure sectors which include transport, urban development and recreation. Colas wealth lies in the diversity and uniqueness of all its affiliates across 5 continents, and especially the autonomy given to each of them, to continuously innovate in an exemplary way, especially in ethics, safety, respect for people and the environment.


  •   Join in an overall sustainable development policy.
  •   Innovate and respond to future expectations of consumers.
  •   Reduce the negative environmental impact associated with the manufacturing / installation of road surfaces.
  •   Keep the intrinsic qualities associated with the use of this product type (covering silent, sustainability, reduction of CO2 emissions).


Colas is developing research in new types of coating which are more energy efficient and respectful of nature. The traditional bituminous binders are replaced by natural products. Thus "Vegecol is an asphalt plant that contains no derivative petrochemical and can be applied at lower temperatures.

This product, labelled and certified (ISO 9001 and 14001) was patented and thus ensures a certain advancement for Colas in its field.



  •   A sustainable competitive advantage; customer loyalty by meeting their expectations; business development.
  •   Energy and cost savings.
  •   Lower taxes and royalties.
  •   Anticipating regulatory constraints (certification).
  •   Motivating and getting teams involved for developing the ability to innovate.


  •   Reduced greenhouse gas emissions: application at 110° instead of 150°.
  •   No release of steam and toxic gases.
11,6 milliard d’euros

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