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DECIMA puts technological innovation to work for its clients' financial and energetic economy

4. Environment

Energy / Greenhouse Gases (GHG)


Initially specialized in electricity and telephony, Décima is a family business that has developed an diverse expertise as an IT company, telecom operator and data center hosting company. United in their values of commitment, foresight, innovation and competence, its staff and partners are inventing a new development model that breaks the link between economic growth and resource use.

Its innovation and new product and service creation process brings together cutting edge computing and communication technologies with cutting edge environmental technologies.


  • Growing within a context that requires heightened awareness of the risks that the company is exposed to. It's a matter of the long-term economic survival of the business, as well as harmonious economic development based on continuous innovation.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of company buildings by checking and improving their energy efficiency.
  • Working with clients to merge their CSR requirements into Décima's references.


Décima has a drive to continually innovate in preserving the environment. The company therefore chose environmentally-friendly buildings made from cutting edge materials and using renewable energy. In 2006, Décima also installed a rain water collection tank and uses the water for its carwash.

An environmental impact study confirmed the technical feasibility, pertinence and profitability of using a double cooling system for its datacenters. 

Energy reduction awareness is directly promoted through advertising of “green IT” to all concerned: new proposed uses for cloud computing, ISO 50001 energy management system.


  •   50% reduction in water use for the company carwash.


  • Foyer Numérique: ISO 50001 certification and 15% energy savings for tenants.
  • Lille Europe train station: 48% energy savings (in kWh) and maintenance optimization
  • La Bassé train station: 49% energy savings (kWh)
152 salariés (2015)
21 109 795 € (2014)


Z.I. Est, François Hennebique
BP 51
62052 Saint-Laurent-Blangy


Fredy Decima, Gérant, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 03 21 60 61 62

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