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DURISOTTI boosts industrial activity with innovation and know-how

4. Environment

Waste management


Since 1956, In Sallaumines, France, Durisotti has been a European Car Manufacturer and Body Designer in transformation and construction of Commercial Vehicles. Its main fields of activity are minibuses, construction vehicles, freight, ambulances, transport of people with reduced mobility, Ministries (Police, Gendarmerie), subcontractor for Manufacturers and subcontracting for Industry.


  • To show reactivity and dynamism while designing and manufacturing recyclable functional parts
  • To save energy and generate value from waste
  • To reduce the environmental impact


Innovation based on the know-how of its collaborators is a distinguishing advantage to develop activity and maintain employment on the territory. Reducing the environmental impact of its product, by concrete means to preserve natural resources, reducing its consumption and recycling its waste: these are strategic commitments for its future.

  • Ecodesign:

Developing a new composite activity dedicated to flax fiber with an assembly, completely redesigned to be quickly removable so that each component can be isolated and allocated to its recycling branch.

  • Transfer of Know-How:

Favoring exchanges with high schools, Apprenticeship Training Agencies, Engineering schools to anticipate future needs and favoring the passing on of experience to ensure the company’s durability. 

  • Water:

Monthly monitoring consumption, salvaging waters from the powder coating line as well as condensation water and cleaning water, and training operators.

  • Waste:

Mapping, sorting and generating value, 15 referents for the environment to make waste management become profitable.


  • Involvement of employees and source of proposals in innovation
  • Manufacturing of a truck with an entirely recyclable body:
    • Award of Innovation at the Fair Trade for Transport Solutions 2015
    • Vehicle weight: -20%, fuel economy
  • Valuation of waste: gain of €36,000


  • Seeking and designing new recycling facilities
  • Drinking water consumption: -58%
  • Decrease in fuel consumption and in CO2 emissions
240 salariés (2015)
38 millions € (2015)


Avenue Fosse 13 - BP4
62430 Sallaumines


Jean-François DURISOTTI, Président du Groupe, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

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