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EDF Summer Challenge, all committed against pollution and for biodiversity

4. Environment


EDF has set up the "Summer Challenge" as part of the PPA (Plan de protection de l'atmosphère).

The aim of the PPA is to improve air quality in communities at risk in order to preserve the health of the population. The main challenge is to reduce the concentration of air pollutants below the limit values set by law or by the WHO. These plans were introduced by the LAURE law (Loi sur l'Air et l'Utilisation Rationnelle de l'Énergie). They have therefore become compulsory for agglomerations of more than 250,000 inhabitants as well as for areas where the limit values are likely to be exceeded.

In this respect, EDF Commerce Nord-Ouest's management is continually committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by implementing actions such as the "Summer Challenge".


  • Take advantage of the summer period, known for its pollution peaks, to raise employee awareness of alternative modes of transport

  • Reducing CO2 emissions

  • Promoting eco-friendly actions among employees

  • Support the protection of fauna and flora by donating €10 to an association for each registered employee.


At the initiative of the HRD Commerce Nord-Ouest, the Summer Challenge aims to promote the reduction of the carbon footprint by preferring the use of alternative modes of transport during the summer, and by leaving one's car in the garage. This participative and eco-responsible approach is renewed for the 3rd consecutive year in 2019.

Last summer, thanks to Summer Challenge, the Conservatoire d'espaces naturels du Nord-Pas-de-Calais received a donation of nearly €3,000 from EDF Commerce Nord-Ouest. This donation enabled the association to invest in the preservation of the Maroilles bocage.

This year, the profits collected thanks to the Summer Challenge will be used to finance projects for the safeguarding and protection of seals in Normandy with the association "CHENE".

The HR team travelled to the EDF Commerce Nord-Ouest sites to organise "Summer Challenge Days", days to raise awareness of ecological and environmentally-friendly practices. Employees were thus able to take part in various activities such as virtual reality helmets for eco-friendly everyday gestures, "Do it Yourself" workshops for making household products themselves (washing powder, dishwasher tablets, toothpaste, etc.), anti-stress herbal tea workshops and workshops on the advantages of public transport compared to the car.


  • Developing employees' environmental awareness

  • Raising awareness of the environmental perspective of CSR


To work for the protection of seals through the support of the association "CHENE".

In 2018:

  • 26.07 tonnes of CO2 saved
  • 6154 km were travelled by alternative transport by participants
  • 733 new ideas for green behaviour were posted

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