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EUROTUNNEL keeps on reducing its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions

4. Environment

Energy / Greenhouse Gases (GHG)


Founded in 1994, the Eurotunnel Group is made up of a number of companies active in the management of transport infrastructures and operations in France and the UK. From the beginning, Eurotunnel has set a strong example as the cross-Channel transport system most respectful of the environment. Twenty years of operations confirm this competitive advantage, which the company (and now the Group) continues to develop by reducing year after year its carbon footprint.


  • Continuously improve the energy efficiency of a mass transport system powered by electricity
  • Extend the reduction of the carbon footprint to all entities of the Eurotunnel Group in France and the UK that are developing activities related to rail transport
  • Share with Eurotunnel Group clients the experience and the results attained in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Encourage the Group’s 3,336 employees to adopt eco-responsible behavior


In the Channel Tunnel, all rail transport of vehicles, passengers and goods rely on electric traction and do not use heavy fuel, unlike ferry operators.


  • The replacement of halon in the technical rooms of the service tunnel and at the two terminals of the Fixed Link with less polluting gases.
  • The refrigerants used in the cooling ducts in Sangatte and Shakespeare Cliff were also entirely replaced for the French portion and for half of the British portion with new cooling units that are more energy-efficient and have no negative impact on the environment.
  • An investment of more than €40,000 was also made to replace certain refrigerants. 
  • Tests have been carried out, since 2015, to equip the on-board air conditioning systems with GSM datacards that will take readings, every two hours, of the pressure and temperature of the generators. This will minimise leakage by detecting them more easily and quickly. We are moreover considering replacing some of these on-board air-conditioning systems.


Best Practice spotted by Reseau Alliances in 2009 and updated in 2017 for its evolution.


  • Control of operating costs.
  • Increased market share in B2B and B2C, with greater awareness of environmental objectives.
  • Eurotunnel is leader in the cross-Channel market and world leader in rail transport.


    • Reduction of carbon footprint: 44% in 2006-2008 and an additional 20.5% in 2009-2010 (renewal of certification from the Carbon Trust Standard in 2013)
    • A truck convoy emits 8.8 kg of CO2, compared with 158 kg for a ferry
    • From the time the Truck Shuttles were put into service, the Eurotunnel Group has enabled savings of nearly 3.7 million tonnes of CO2 compared to ferries. 
    • In 2016, the Group’s GHG emission levels decreased 12 % compared to the previous year. 
    3 400 (2017)
    1 033 millions € (2016)


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