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FLOOW2, World's Reset Button, online intermediary service for companies that dramatically both lowers costs and increases sustainability

4. Environment

Green design


Worldwide and in all market sectors, production companies learn to reduce, re-use, recycle however forgetting their biggest source for improving sustainability: better the use of their own available materials. ICT enables us now to make this abundance transparent thus tradeable, creating new revenue and reducing investment whilst dramatically cutting raw material consumption and CO2 footprint. In May 2012, FLOOW2.COM started its construction and agriculture equipment’s internet platform.


- Become the “engine of the sharing economy” in B2B 
- Reduce costs by temporary use of overcapacity in case of buying new one

         - Create additional revenue from underused capacities
        - Increase sustainability by reducing raw material consumption and CO2 emissions


Initiator Will Robben was active in the production of heavy equipment for years. “I noticed that the client was continually buying new equipment while the same thing was sitting idle a few miles away. Raw materials were being wasted but, in particular, company funds. It came to me that supply and demand could be brought together in a simple and accessible way by using an internet platform.” 

In May 2012, FLOOW2 creates an online marketplace assisting companies to both lower their costs and work more sustainably. Little use is made by companies of equipment of fellow companies. Via FLOOW2, companies can easily rent equipment from others; from excavators to cranes, threshers to tractors. They can also rent out their own equipment and generate a higher ROI. Renting can be done with or without crew.

Others in this field of work confirm that equipment is available in abundance: sometimes at the wrong moment, often in the wrong place. The result is that twice the volume of equipment actually needed to do the work exists worldwide. Similar abundance is also hidden in many other market sectors, to be made transparent soon.


- Potential market  in construction and agriculture : USD 5000 billion of equipment, but sitting idle used between 30 and 70% of time

- Profitability for the company which is renting out, and lower costs for the company which rents from colleague companies?

- Simple internet tool to dynamize exchange/rent


- More efficient use of equipment (2 more with the same quantity) ;

- Raw material consumption and carbon footprint drastic reduction and more employment for the same amount of machines

- Possibility to extend the experience to other sectors

Créée en mai 2012


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