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GASMA horticulturist uses wood energy

4. Environment

Energy / Greenhouse Gases (GHG)


The culture under greenhouse is strongly energy-consuming, which represents a high cost for the company and a major impact for the environment.


-  Reducing the costs of the energy used

-  Reducing the environmental impacts.


The Gasma horticulturalist has 4000m² of greenhouses which provide a habitat for tropical plants requiring an ambient temperature of 20°C. In the years 2000, the company has to face the increase of gas prices and looks for a less expensive alternative for the heating of its greenhouses.

In 2004, the choice was a wood burning furnace, installed for an investment of 230,000 Euros, 35% subsidized by the Ademe and the region. The connection to the old gas boiler allows the ensuring of a support if necessary. The wood consumptions are around 90m³ per week during the 4 coldest months, then of 50m³ per week during the shoulder season. The wood used is composed of various wastes including local pruning, a crusher transforms these wastes into wooden chips. The site has a storage silo of 90m² as well a storage shed of 200m³ allowing 2 to 3 weeks of autonomy, with a backhoe loader to feed the silo. The construction of the shed was chosen to avoid a silo with too much capacity.


- 700kw power, 100% of the heating needs covered by the wood burning furnace during the first year

- Reduction of the costs.


- Less use of gas energy and transportations

- Valuing of wood waste

- Credible alternative solution for other horticulturists.


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