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GRDF Makes Children Aware of Energy-Saving Goals

4. Environment

Energy / Greenhouse Gases (GHG)


Making broad audiences aware of the eco-approach and ways to save energy is part of GRDF's actions in the context of its CSR policy. For this reason, the company develops different initiatives to help its customers improve their energetic and environmental performance.

Since today's children are tomorrow's eco-citizens, it is also important for GRDF to pay attention to the youngest members of society.

To teach them the proper approach, GRDF has developed a kit of extracurricular activities presented as sessions of games and various entertaining activities focusing on energy, energy production and energy consumption. The goal is to help children discover this area and make them realize that they can become eco-consumers. 

A reference in the world of energy an expert in gas-powered energy, GRDF (Gaz Réseau Distribution France) is the main operator in the distribution of natural gas in France, with the longest European network, covering 196,940 km.


  • Propose a turkey solution to communities that includes educational and entertaining activities in the context of the new Extracurricular Activity Periods.
  • Make children aware of the eco-approach and the environment. Help them understand the stakes involved in energy consumption and give them the keys to responsible consumption.
  • Have an indirect influence on parents and make them aware of sustainable development.


How can we make children aware of the environment and of energy-saving goals? Since the company knows how important it is to reach the youngest citizens on these topics, GRDF now offers an activity kit to communities to use during the Extracurricular Activity Periods or during stays at activity centers on Wednesday afternoons. One kit allows creating activities for 30 children from the third to fifth grades during six one-and-a-half-hour sessions.

Presented in a small case, the kit contains six envelopes for six weeks of activities, during which children become aware of good energy practices in their daily lives: whether at home or school, and even in the city. During the sessions, they will learn that saving energy is easy to do and within everyone's reach.  

With reminders they can take home (temperature scales, pens, eco-action stickers, eco-action puzzles, etc.), the children can also share information with their family and make it aware of energy savings. The child becomes an eco-approach ambassador.

To meet expectations for the extracurricular periods, the activities are entertaining, diversified and fit into the school's program of studies. There are discovery workshops (making biogas), "waste chase" treasure hunts, manual activities (drawing origami, building), thinking games and shared activities. The goal: help children learn by having fun.  

In addition to a guide, the six envelopes contain everything necessary for a successful session: explanatory cards, activity materials (card games, posters, game books, patterns for folding, page backgrounds for drawing, markers for treasure hunts, etc.).

This initiative, which was first launched in northwest France, has been tested in some twenty schools and will be deployed next fall throughout the country (1,200 kits for the 2016-2017 school year).


  • Creation of customer loyalty
  • Reinforcement of links with local communities


  • Awareness of the eco-approach and controlling energy
11 490 (2017)
3 562 millions d’euros (2017)


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