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IDKIDS invests in a HQE logistic platform in Roubaix Leers

4. Environment



Undertake for the world to progress to the service of the growing child is the commitment of Idkids clearly defined by corporate and social responsibility of children brands. Voluntarist investment, the new 16.000m² HQE platform gives the means to Idkids to grow internationally, in coherence with the group CSR politics. 


  • Increase the processing capacity and accompany the development
  • Industrialize the distribution processes by automating the tasks while maintaining       local employment not far from the head office.
  • Be one of the first HQE certified industry building


Beyong technological innovations, 14 HQE targets were aimed at during the construction.

Human environment is taken into account:

  •  Commands preparation: a less high table tan others and VAD lockers especially adapted to handicapped workers. More generally repetitive strain injuries were taken into account in the ergonomics of workplaces: lightening of freight weight and swab journeys, implementation of escorts for packages circulation…
  • Central islets enable information circulation
  • Rest areas :large cafeteria bay windows open on a wooden terrace for the well-being of all.

Natural environment is respected in the building

  • Métisse insulator: 3 of the 4 faces of the building contain an innovative insulator, 20 cmthick, composed of recycled and agglomerated textiles fibers, provided by the insertion association Le Relais.
  •  Lighting: it is made for adapt oneself according to ambient luminosity and occupation schedule in order to generate energy savings; presence detection cells in the sanitaries, translucent bays on the roofs.
  • Sorting out rubbish zones: pre-collection and selective sorting at the source.

External environment is also taken into account

  •  Reclaiming of rain water: large landscaped pool designed near the site to reclaim rain waters.
  •  Stationary zones reserved for clean vehicles and bikes garages
  •  Exterior spacesvegetalized with climate and ground adapted species

Beyond the construction, future platform users were implied through workgroups to perpetuate the HQE process and education was implemented to lead partners, collaborators, visitors, neighbours… to sustainable development. 


  •  16.000m² built, capacity to create a twin building 
  •  100.000.000 treated pieces (site capacity) 


  •  Exemplary HQE building, group CSR politics window
  •  Improved well-being of 80 collaborators and 20 seasonnal workers on the site
  •  800 m3 of recycled textile for building isolation 
5000 (2014)
741 M Euros (2014)


162, boulevard de Fourmies


Eric Quilliez

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