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KBANE - GROUPE ADEO: an exemplary building

4. Environment



Kbane implements sustainable solutions for a healthier, more economical and more environmentally-friendly home, offering at its store in Marquette-lez-Lille (59) a broad product range: self-service (natural paints, organic gardening, water and energy conservation devices) as well as for large sustainable housing construction projects (insulation, windows, heat pumps, wood-burning stoves, solar panels).

The building that Kbane created for its first store and head office in April 2011 is a reflection of this company's goal: building green


Saying what we do and doing what we say ("walk the talk")… Kbane has implemented the most advanced techniques in terms of water and energy conservation at their outlet in Marquette-lez-Lille


The landscaped area of the site has been particularly well-designed: 300 tall trees and 3,000 types of grasses and plants, coated with herbal binders, valley infiltration, a water basin with vegetation, and three beehives… all this derived from nature and biodiversity and has found a home at Kbane.

38 solar panels, three wind turbines and two heat pumps produce the heat and energy required to operate the building.

The quantity of renewable energy being produced is displayed at the building entrance. Kbane also purchases Green Electricity Certificates in order to offset its energy consumption.

The rainwater recovery tank, comfort ventilation systems, water and energy savings systems all allow for a rational resource management approach. Moreover, rainwater is reused as flushing water.

The building is mostly built of wood has been completely insulated in tissue paper.

Natural light is maximized; the shading systems on the skylights and double pane windows provide a true visual comfort without overheating. The building's parking lot is surrounded by pedestrian trails and cycling paths. Collective gardens will be set up to enable interested employees to cultivate their plots of land; they'll be given the opportunity to garden, sharing time with their colleagues outside of work (pooling gardening tools and adhering to the organic farming requirement) The beehive has already yielded its first honey harvest (3 hives installed at the Marquette-lez-Lille site); management of this apiculture operation is currently being transferred to an employee.

Waste management distinguishes 22 different material streams earmarked for reuse.

This Best Practice was originally identified in 2011 by World Forum Lille


Building energy performance, and resource conservation


-  Feeling of working someplace special, in a pleasant working environment appreciated by employees
-  27 kg of honey harvested during September 2011
-  10,000 liters of rainwater recovered in the tank
-  Renewable energy production capacity:
-   15 MW of wind power
-  11 MW of photovoltaic power



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