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KIABI create attractive places to live in while limiting the energy consumption of its buildings

4. Environment



 Founded in 1978 in Hem (north of France), Kiabi is specialized in the sector of ready-to-wear clothing for the whole family. Kiabi created a land-holding trust in 1998, renamed Etixia in 2012. The assets of Etixia comprise 103 shopping centers, for a total of 382,000 m2. Kiabi is the main tenant, but Etixia also leases to 39 external companies, representing 40% of its real-estate assets. The ambition of this entity is to create attractive places to live in, which are accessible and ecoresponsible with limited energy consumption in buildings


  • 40% decrease of the energy consumption of buildings by 2020
  •  Extension of the environmental appendix of the lease to all renters


Acting on the energy performance of buildings

 Energy-effciency improvements for existing buildings

Etixa adopted a pluri-annual projected investment plan in order to reach 40% of energy savings in the buildings between 2011 and 2020. This plan includes the energy-efficiency improvement of the existing buildings and targets especially the air conditionning, heating and lighting.

Renovation works are already underway, with a focus on the most energy-consuming stores.

 Integration of eco-design criteria for the construction of new buidlings

The construction of new buildings must meet specifications, designed to integrate, as early as possible in the process, environmental criteria. Kiaki now has an eco-building in line with the BEPOS (Positive Energy Building) in Perpignan Sud, and in Thionvile, a building programme is in the process of obtaining the HEQ (High Environmental Quality) and the BREEAM certifications (BRE environmental assessment method).

Encouraging responsible behaviour for building users

 Submitting buildings tenants to an environmental appendix

Etixa created an environmental appendix in its lease contract to show its obligation, and that of the tenants, to commit to an action programme aimed at improving the energy and environmental performance of the rented building and premises.

With this appendix, Etixia commits itself to accompany its renters on an environmental level, and to put forward propositions for energy efficiency.


  • 6.6% savings on the energy bill between 2012 and 2013
  • Reduction of the lighting power (from 20W/m2 to 12W/m2) in the latest generation of Kiabi store


  •  6.6% savings on the energy bill between 2012 and 2013
  • Reduction of the lighting power (from 20W/m2 to 12W/m2) in the latest generation of Kiabi store
  • Improvement of collaborative work between Etixia and Kiabi's technical service.
  • Decrease of CO2 footprint: 6.7% of kg/CO2 saved between 2012 and 2013


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59510 HEM


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