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KPMG takes steps to save biodiversity

4. Environment

Biodiversity and sustainable resource management


Bees, which lie at the heart of our ecosystem, are threatened with extinction and have become the target of national and international protection plans. In 2011, the KPMG firm decided to commit to saving biodiversity by, among other actions, installing 3 beehives on the roof of one of its buildings located in the La Défense business park outside of Paris.


  • A strong commitment in favor of environmental protection
  • Ecological optimization of available space (KPMG's premises): a responsible eco-friendly use of roof space to help save a threatened species
  • Internal awareness-building: mobilizing and rallying employees in support of an eco-responsible action.


Why welcome bees at the KPMG premises?

Bees occupy a place at the heart of our ecosystem: they pollinate 84% of all plant species, 76% of food production in Europedepends on the work of bees.
As such, bees play a pivotal role in the food chain, hence in the survival of the human race. This species is presently faced with the threat of extinction. For this reason, bee protection has become a top priority in preserving our biodiversity.
Since spring 2011, three beehives have been installed on the roof deck of the Belvédère, one of KPMG's two buildings at the La Défense business park. The bee colonies bred onsite are being managed with the assistance of a company specialized in handling swarms of bees. A beekeeper makes regular site visits (about 5 a year) in order to: control the state of health of the colonies, maintain the beehives, and collect honey.

KPMG employees are involved in this effort through:

  • Discovery sessions organized, which include: a visit to the beehives accompanied by a beekeeper, honey tasting, an information stand and training workshop on bee protection
  • Participation in collecting honey and placing it in jars, which are then sold to employees with proceeds benefiting the KPMG Foundation, whose purpose is to promote integration into the workforce of youth from underprivileged districts.

All over the year, employees can also visit the bees with a beekeeper on the roof of KPMG’s building and participate in a beekeeping introduction session.

Over 70 kilograms of honey were collected in 2013:
Enough of a haul to fill 384 jars, which were subsequently sold to employees to benefit the KPMG Corporate Foundation, whose purpose is to promote employment opportunities among less privileged youth.


  • Greater pride and motivation felt by company employees thanks to their involvement in an ecological cause.
  • Enhanced appeal of the firm during recruitment of job applicants.
  • Beekeeping is a real passion for some employees, who find themselves truly fascinated by the field.


  • Contribution to biodiversity protection and pollination of plant life, with 55 kg of honey collected.
  • 80,000 bees per beehive during the summer season.
  • Over 70 kilograms of honey collected in 2013, a big enough haul to fill 385 jars.
  • The amount of honey jar sales (€1,055) to employees has been allocated to benefit professional insertion actions on behalf of the KPMG Corporate Foundation
859 millions € (2013)


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