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Le Groupe LA POSTE instructs 60,000 postmen in green drive

4. Environment

Sustainable mobility


 42,000 vehicles are used everyday by LA POSTE to deliver the mail. 760 billion kilometers are covered every year, that is to say the equivalent to 60 trips around the world every day. La Poste is aware of the impacts from its industry on environment and has committed itself to a strategy on the reduction of greenhouse gases between 2006 and 2012, including a green drive scheme for the 60,000 postmen and postwomen inside the company.


- Reducing by 15% the total CO2 emissions, of which 5% for the green drive scheme.
- Reducing by 3% the accidents during the same period thanks to green drive.
- The costs induced by all vehicles will be better controlled. 


A network of trainers was instructed in green drive.
8 postmen are then instructed every day during two 3h30 sessions.
The training module can be broken down as follows :

Climate change and sustainable development
- Free-driving
- Green drive theory
- Green drive
- Comparative analysis of the results
- A certificate of completion and a guidebook are presented

All of the 60,000 postmen and postwomen will be instructed before the end of 2009 


- The fuel bill is cheaper; there was a reduction in fuel consumption by 5,8% after 10,000 postmen and postwomen were instructed and 6 months later
- the accident-related costs are reduced.
- L APOSTE’s corporate image has been improved (there has been more than 170 fallouts from the press, and these were 98% positive). 


- Reduction in CO2 emissions.
- Reduction in the number of accidents (8% less).
- The employees can experience green drive both at work and anywhere else ; there are positive indirect effects on safety and environment. 

€ 23.294 Billion


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