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LUSH cosmetics uses popcorn to fill its packages

4. Environment

Waste management


Created in England in 1995, Lush produces and markets fresh, handmade, and organic cosmetics made from fruit and vegetables as well as the best essential oils and safe synthetic ingredients. The products are manufactured with the utmost respect for the environment, animals and skin. "Lush" which can also signify "luxurious, juicy and tasty,” represents the spirit of the company, through its 200 fresh and fragrant products.  Beyond the products, Lush, in coherence with its project, also acts on the product packaging and design of the parcels sent to clients.


  •   Reduce or eliminate unnecessary packaging.
  •   Improve the design and filling of packages.
  •   Encourage customers to become ecological actors.


Until 2007, their packages consisted of cardboard boxes containing goods wrapped in plastic and protected by shredded paper, quite heavy, often dirty, with traces of ink.

In September 2007, Lush launched a new filler material – which is popcorn -, in all packages and mail order gift boxes, thus abandoning the shredded paper, used by many other brands.

Lush substantially improves its environmental impact:

- Reduction of carbon emissions related to transport by reducing the fill weight of package (popcorn filling weight = less than 60% shredded paper filling).

- Removal of container products in individual plastic bags, because the new filling is clean unlike the shredded paper that required protection of each product.

- Energy savings related to non-shredded paper recycling.

- Encouraging customers to compost the popcorn, each package in a shipment includes a manual on how to set up a composting unit at home.



  •   Savings from not using 5 million plastic bags per year.
  •   Positive impact on the company’s image from their business approach.
  •   Customer loyalty.


  •   10% reduction in carbon emissions related to transport of packages (the popcorn has a 60% lower weight than the shredded paper).
  •   Decrease in pollution from not using plastic bags.
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