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LYRECO is committed to reducing their cardboard packages

4. Environment

Waste management


The cardboard packaging of products export companies represents a significant environmental impact.

Lyreco, after signing the UN Global Compact in 2002, is continuing its policy of sustainable development both within its company and in its relations with suppliers and customers, making them aware of environmental impacts.


  •   Reduce environmental impact.
  •   Reduce cardboard packaging.


The company has developed a computer system that determines the size of the box, including three different sizes, depending on the customer's order, thereby limiting the amount of cardboard and raw material input.

Then, Lyreco has developed a machine ("cap installation") which cut up the final product, when the cardboard box is filled with office supplies. This helps reduce the volume of cardboard in the delivery trucks and in turn the number of trucks needed, less diesel consumption and CO² emissions.

Moreover, Lyreco has chosen a 100% recycled cardboard and 100% recyclable, with a thickness (flute), less than 1mm. This further limits the volumes for transportation and storage and therefore reduces waste. In addition, Lyreco is committed to recycling as many cartons it distributes.



  •   Reduced cost for purchasing cardboard boxes and tax contribution for package recycling. 
  •   Improving the company’s reputation.


  •   Reducing energy consumption.
  •   Reducing the volume of cardboard packaging waste and therefore the number of trucks and deliveries.
  •   New behaviour of consumers and employees.
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