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Mäder: environment-friendly innovation

4. Environment

Green design


Mäder is an international group, specialized in the formulation of high technology Paints and Composites, aimed to meet the needs of demanding markets (Aeronautical, Rail, Automobile, etc.). The Group is a pioneer in the use of "clean" technics and products.The activities of the Group impact greatly the environment: raw materials consumption, use of sensitive products, rejects and emissions, etc.

Thus, protecting the environment is a major and constant concern for Mäder, leading to a decrease in energy and natural resources consumption (re-use of white water), air and waters protection (burners of VOC*s, low-emission products, recycling project of washing waters) limited use of "severely" labelled products (dangerous products), the optimisation of raw materials consumption, etc.


  • Turning the protection of environment into an opportunity for development and not a constraint
  • Facing:

    - The increasing globalisation of markets
    - A very competitive market
    - More and more intense regulations
    - Tensions on the prices and growing scarcity of raw materials
  • Offering innovating products
  • Managing the production sites in a sustainable manner


In order to maintain its technological leadership, the Group dedicates 10% of its turn-over to R&D activities, and each site has its own laboratory. Research focuses mainly on developing products that are more and more respectful of the environment   (unlabelled products, products  with a low VOC* content, no CMR* materials and environmental labels), clean technologies such as "UV cross-linking" (polymerization reaction, generated by UV radiations which turns a liquid film into a solid, three-dimensional polymeric material in a split second without rejecting VOC*), the substitution of solvent phases with aqueous phases, the development of materials based on bio-sourced and agro-based materials (replacing petroleum with plants).

Breakthrough in green technologies for the manufacturing of agro-based resins and composites through photo-polymerized stratification

* Volatile Organic Compound

** Carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction 


  • Guaranteeing quality and eco-designed products for customers
  • Steady and sustainable growth by meeting customers' expectations in terms of sustainable development
  • Partnership with suppliers for the eco-design of products


  • 100% of products and packaging  recycled or recovered
  • All employees undertook training and are stakeholders of the E-care reference guide which sets the minimum requirements applicable on the Group sites
844 (2014)
180 millions deuros (2014)


60 Avenue Halley
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq


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