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Main actor of Rev3 on French territory: Enedis, distributor of tomorrow’s energies

4. Environment

Energy / Greenhouse Gases (GHG)


ENEDIS, formerly known as ERDF, is a subsidiary of EDF covering 95% of the French electricity grid. The company is born from the split between the activities of production and distribution of EDF, ENEDIS now has more than 35 million consumer.
The group, as the largest electricity distributor in France, naturally decided to put a lot of efforts in developing a more responsible and sustainable economy.


  • Allowing all operators and clients to implement sustainable projects, be a “sustainable development tools suppliers”
  • Adapt local production to the energy transition and the REV3 model
  • Emergence of synergies between communities and companies, specifically in Hauts-de-France; to be a prescriber of this new mode of governance in France


Establishment of Linky:
-    Improvement of costumers information
-    Optimizing costumers’ consumption
-    Optimizing flux management

Implementation of new solutions on territories:
-    Renewable energy :Increase of photovoltaic and wind power
-    Electric mobility : increase of electric cars
-    Multi-fluid optimization: data optimization in order to make the economy more circular.


  • Decrease of electricity storage cost
  • 30 000 new renewable energy producers joined ENEDIS
  • Connection of 7000 charging station


  • Renewable energy will represent 70% of the market by 2040
  • Improvement of quality and security of the energy network (targeted failure, reduction of moves that decrease the impact of CO2)
  • Consumption smoothing (decrease the pics of consumption) in order to improve the quality of life and reduce CO2 impact
159 112 salariés (2015)
75 milliards d’euros (2015)


Antoine Jourdain Directeur délégué Nord-Est

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