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MAISONS DU MONDE has created a certified sector in India for better traceability and transparency

4. Environment


Maisons du Monde is a french furniture and decoration company created in 1996 in Bordeaux. Its environmental transformation began in 2010 with a clear objective at the beginning: to secure its long-term supply of raw materials, which is threatened by the climate challenge.

In 10 years, various projects have been set up: calculation of the carbon footprint, eco-design of products, support for external projects through its foundation, ambitious partnerships with associations (upcycling workshops with Emmaüs, etc.), growing awareness among the general public, but also a traceability programme for their products.


  • To ensure continuous transparency to clients

  • To create more responsible products (responsible raw materials)

  • Fight against deforestation

  • Enhancing the value of forest resources


To ensure the traceability of their products, Maisons du Monde focused on one of the most precious raw materials for them: wood. The company began by creating sustainably managed plantations (replanting of the wood used, disease control, planting managed by local people). Also, Maisons du Monde works in collaboration with the sawmill, which has developed into a nursery for replanting trees.

During the manufacture of each product, all the players are brought together in order to control the wood, its origin and characteristics. Finally, an audit is carried out in India in order to trace all the stages of production back to the origin of the product.

This approach is part of a long-term CSR vision represented in particular by the "Let's commit ourselves" programme set up in 2014, which is divided into three stages:

  • Working together with all stakeholders through the Maisons du Monde Foundation created at the end of 2015 to support the economic and social development of the countries in which the brand operates.
  • Establish lasting ties with suppliers thanks to product managers trained in social and environmental issues to combine sustainability and creativity by sharing the brand's practical know-how.
  • Include sustainability criteria in the production of products to work on eco-design while mobilising partner designers.

This programme was subsequently developed, notably with the introduction of rounding at the checkout in 2016 and the creation of the Aux Arbres movement in 2018.


  • Opening of 20 shops per year

  • Since 2016, an increase of + €100,000 in turnover per year

  • Better relationship with suppliers

  • Optimisation of stock management

  • 60% of their wooden furniture offer meets a durability criteria


  •  3,500 trees planted, 700 farmers and 40 villages involved since the beginning of the programme

  • 120 support visits take place each year in their Indian factories, which helps to strengthen the relationship between Maisons du Monde and its suppliers

  • In 2 years, 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from Maisons du Monde shops and warehouses

  • 58% of shop managers or directors come from internal promotion
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970 M € (2019)


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