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METROPOLITAN TOURING, carbon neutral travel

4. Environment


Operating in Ecuador and Galapagos, METROPOLITAN TOURING is a tourism agency particularly committed to sustainable development.

Aware that tourism generates 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the company collaborates with Fundacion Futuro, a foundation of local companies fighting for the preservation of Ecuadorian forests. Together, these two entities ensure that the carbon emissions induced by the tourism agency's activities are offset through the financial involvement of the traveller in the transformation of its externalities. This partnership not only makes it possible to achieve the carbon neutrality of the tourism activity, but also to raise funds to invest in the conservation and restoration of forest remnants in Ecuador.


  • Reducing the externalities of tourism, and thus developing sustainable tourism

  • Supporting the conservation of local ecosystems

  • Developing the Choco bio-region from 6,000 to 34,000 acres


Metropolitan Touring's approach is made up of two major steps; one aiming to reduce its carbon impact while the other seeks to offset its unavoidable CO2 emissions.

In the first stage, the reduction of CO2 emissions has resulted in improved fuel through the use of special additives and filters, making combustion more efficient. Solar panels as well as internal campaigns aimed at optimising water and energy consumption have also been adopted.

At the same time, each time a booking is made through the agency, a certified calculator measures the carbon footprint of the trip and offers the customer the opportunity to offset it financially. The amount varies according to the type and duration of the trip.

Each year, Fundacion Futuro collects these funds and reinvests them in the purchase of forest land, restoring its ecosystem. As the forest grows in size and health, it absorbs carbon dioxide, removes it from the air and helps to preserve biodiversity while mitigating local climate change.

To ensure that the amount of carbon sequestered is equivalent to that generated by the agency's activities, Fundacion Futuro regularly measures the CO2 capture capacity of forests.

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  • Employees are involved and united around a meaningful project, namely the calculation of their carbon footprint and the development of more ethical and environmentally friendly practices

  • Rewarded at South America's Leading Tour Operator 2018, repeated in 2019

  • Rewarded at the Conde Nast Traveler's World Savers Awards 2010


  • Reduction of annual carbon emissions by 5%

  • 6,000 acres (= 2,500 hectares) of protected land in the Choco region

  • Decrease in pollution induced by the fuels used

  • Creating harmonious and sustainable landscapes with rich ecosystems

  • This initiative raises awareness about the environmental impact of our daily habits

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