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MICHELIN develops a tyre hiring system

4. Environment

Green design


Road transport of goods is of vital interest for human kind, as it plays a great role in the depletion of fossil energy sources and in the discharge of greenhouse gases.The pressure of tyres or their wear are partly responsible for the fuel overconsumption of vehicles. Michelin provides specific solutions for that, thanks to a Service for a better use of tyres (Fleet Solutions).


- Replacing tyre sales by a Hiring Service that manages companies’ tyres, and charging them by the number of kilometres that is covered.

- Giving Michelin’s customers the opportunity to delegate tyres management to Fleet Solutions Service.


In 2001, Michelin created Fleet Solutions Service for road freight companies. The Service provides the companies with tyre hiring. Michelin, by controling tyres, is committed into multiplying their life cycle by 2,5 but also into changing tyres as quickly as possible, to have less vehicles off the road.

For companies, it means :

-  making tyres management easier and outsourcing activities outside the core business

-  managing the cost price by kilometer of tyres from the fleet

-  reducing tyre expenditure and fuel bill

-  optimising the fleet’s up time thanks to greater flexibility (planning)


- Michelin was the first one to launch a service for a better use of tyres for professionals, and it is also the number one company worldwide for it

- Fleet Solutions Service enables Michelin to improve its performance when it comes to guaranteed maintenance, pricing and better use of fuel consumption of its customers

- The Service helps Michelin make professionals into loyal clients.


-  The management of HGV tyres’ wear is specific to each vehicle and enables the road freight companies to reduce their fuel consumption

- The better use of tyres enhances their longevity  and reduces rubber consumption.

15 990 000 000 €

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