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MONDIAL RELAY - GROUPE 3SI introduces reusable and recyclable packaging

4. Environment

Green design


The 3SI Group is France's third largest e-retailer with a total of 25 brand names (fashion, home furnishings, office supplies, e-retail corporate services). Within the Group, the entity Mondial Relay, specialized in home deliveries, proposes for France and across its European territory delivery solutions at dedicated pick-up sites ('points relais'), a drive-through service (for heavy, cumbersome items) and home-based. In France, Mondial Relay has a network of 24 distribution offices and some 4,300 pick-up sites. The use of plastic bags produces a significant impact in this sector.


  • Decrease the consumption of plastic bags
  • Reduce CO2 emissions 
  • Introduce containers that are reusable.


The first step consists of measuring the consumption of plastic bags and their impact:- 1,500,000 plastic bags / year used for delivery services at the 4,300 pick-up points;- little or no reuse of these bags, whose useful life cycle does not extend beyond 1 or 2 rotations;- accounting for 200 tons of CO2 released annually (137 g/bag: polyethylene material). The working groups formed encompassed all company departments (commercial teams, marketing, coordinators of pick-up point networks, logistics personnel) in the aim of devising alternative solutions. The solutions were then analyzed according to the four following criteria:- Reduction in CO2 emissions relative to supplies handled- Drop in supply costs associated with waste handling and treatment- Loss rate- Useful life cycle of the selected bags. Preferred solution: replacement of plastic bags by reusable and recyclable fabric bags at the end of their life cycle. Best practice spotted by the World Forum Lille in 2013.


- With respect to the 4 selected criteria:- 70% reduction in CO2 emissions for this supply item- A €250,000 hike in the target following national rollout- Maximum "loss" rate of bags = 30%- Minimum useful life of the bags = 3 years - Moreover, the container could be adapted for use across all Mondial Relay sites, with the prospect of being extended internationally (e.g. Belgium, Spain).


- Improved awareness of the environmental impacts generated by these activities. - Development of skills and new job opportunities within the partner firms.
2011 : 101 M€


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