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MONOPRIX is in favour of river transport and rail transport

4. Environment

Sustainable mobility


The road transport sector plays a great role in environmental nuisances. Monoprix is looking for alternative solutions to deliver more than 200,000t goods (except fresh foods) every week in its 72 corner shops in Paris area.


-  Optimizing the transport of goods

-  Respecting environment.


In early 2000, containers with products imported from very far got to Anvers or Rotterdam and were delivered to the warehouses located in Ile de France by road transport. Monoprix is trying to limit this means of transport.

In 2003, river transport was experimented by the company, thanks to the canal system linking the port of Le Havre to the Seine, and the fact that lighters were made available and could take containers on board, and not only goods shipped in bulk. A transfer was planned from Gennevillers (North West to Paris) on small-size push tugs adapted to the journey through Paris to Bonneuil (located to the West of Paris), in order to ensure the continuity of transport and limit road transport.

In 2006, the first Monoprix lighter shipped through Paris on the Seine; from then on, 2 lighters have been shipping a week.The increase in voluminous goods and heavy goods required an additional means of transport between the Bonneuil-located warehouse and the center of Paris. Monoprix implemented a rail trip to the platform in Bercy. The goods are then driven to the shops on lorries running on natural, mains gas. It was experimented in 2003 from the warehouse in Combe la Ville, and then from Bercy in 2008, with 20 additional vehicles.


- River transport : acceptable delivery times, from 3 to 5 days from Le Havre

- Rail transport / lorries running on natural, mains gas : the trip from the warehouse to the center of Paris is more expensive but quicker.


- 12,000 lorries less in Paris

-  Reduction in CO2 emissions (337 tons a year)

- The seagoing staff’s working conditions have been improved in the « ideal freight broker » terms of reference.

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