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NUTRIPACK innovates with the creation of a recycling channel

4. Environment

Green design


Nutripack-Group PROPLAST, located in Flines-lez-Râches (59), manufactures and markets food packaging for professionals of the collective catering and agro-food industries. Not finding a channel to recycle its products, the company decided to create its own recycling channel for used packaging tubs and to work with its customers to refine the process. 


Reduce the environmental footprint in partnership with customers and create a recycling channel


Nutripack  in 2008 launched a study on the ecological interest and feasibility of a recovery and recycling channel for used food tubs with the participation of Framee 2 and  Ecoeff 3:

-          Life Cycle Analysis of tubs

-          Comparative environmental study between the use of single-use tubs recycled via the Nutripack channel and the use of reusable metal tins with complete environmental report.

The results show that the recycling of single-use tubs produces:

        -      Three times less greenhouse gas than their incineration,

        -      Less impact on the environment than the reusable metal tins.


Nutripack therefore created its own recycling channel:

1.     At the customer, the tubs are washed, rinsed, dried, then placed in delivery cartons ready for collection,

2.     Nutripack collects and markets them.

3.    The tubs are sold by weight. The recovered  material generates value in two ways, either through direct resale (250 euros per ton), or by providing for each ton of material recovered 50 boxes manufactured with the recycled material,

4.     The recovered tubs are ground at Nutripack. The ground material is either sold as is or granulated for injection and production of parts that have no contact with food. The granulation is done at a compounder in the Nord region,

5.     The granulation serves to produce durable boxes to deliver and recover the tubs at the customer and therefore to replace the cartons.


Nutripack is the only company in France or internationally to offer this type of recycling channel.


- Evolution of revenues over 3 years

2008: 20.7 M euros

2009: 21.5 M euros

2010: 22.5 M euros

 - Savings achieved by recycling channel:

2009: - 5500 euros

2010: + 22,235 euros


Raw ground material recovered from tubs:

-   2008: 2 tons =  savings of 5.2 teq CO2

-    2009: 17 tons =  savings of 44.2 teq CO2

-    2010: 90 tons = savings of 234 teq CO2

-    Forecast 2011: 120 tons = savings of 302 teq CO2

-    80 customers signed up for recycling channel

-    CO2 savings indicator shared by all

110 salariés (en 2010)
22,5 M euros (2010)


150 route de Lallaing
59148 Flines-lez-Râches


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