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On the way to ecological transition : ENEDIS encourages its employees to use electric mobility

4. Environment

Energy / Greenhouse Gases (GHG)


Enedis, the French distribution system operator in electricity is positioned as a key player in the development of electric mobility. Its company fleet represents the 2nd largest fleet in France.

At the hub of ecological transition stakes, Enedis promotes electric mobility in its teams. Challenges, awareness, etc. are put in place to encourage them to opt for this ecological mode of transport. This ambition goes beyond what it’s internal to the company, as Enedis also supports many projects directly related to ecological transition.


  • Raise employees awareness on electric mobility issues
  • Make sure there are no more obstacles for the use of electric vehicles
  • Make sure everyone uses professional electric vehicles safely


Many initiatives have been launched within Enedis Nord Pas de Calais in order to acculturate its employees to electric mobility.

First of all, several mobility challenges were set up for employees. For example, a video challenge "traveling the Hauts-de-France in an Enedis electric car" was organized. The company has also set up the "adopt an EV" initiative, which allows employees to test and drive an electric vehicle over a weekend to get accustomed to its use.

To support these initiatives, communication actions are deployed to promote electric mobility every month.Electric vehicle ambassadors answer all questions from employees and help them distinguish the true from the false.

On September 21, 2021, Enedis organized an ecological transition rally which enabled elected politicians, partners and employees to discover local projects for ecological transition by traveling by electric car. At the end of this rally, nearly 1,500 euros were donated to two associations :  "Aux deux mains" and "L’oreille de cœur".


  • More than 1000 employees are made aware of electric mobility issues
  • 300 Enedis electric vehicles are in circulation in Nord-Pas-De-Calais
  • Employees who understand the importance of electric mobility can more easily convince customers to use electric vehicles ; performance gain


  • Reduction of the carbon footprint by using electric cars, which pollute up to 74% less than diesel or gasoline cars.
  • Promotes energy and ecological transition
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