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PIKS DESIGN speeds up the develoment of innovations through co-designing

4. Environment

Green design


piKs Design was created in 2005 at Marcq-en-Baroeul. It is a "design global" agency, with 4 employees, 3 of which are the founding partners.Voluntarily generalistic in order to maintain insight and perspective, the agency has developed three skills poles: product design, space design and graphic design. Beside its activities, piKs develops innovating concepts of products design it deems important by building an ecosystem of relevant players for its projects.


  • Developing innovative services or products by associating an ecosystem of players
  • Accompany the birth of start-ups associated with piKs by integrating entrepreneur profiles.


The design agency initiated various innovative product concepts, then developed by PiKs together with other local stakeholders:

• BRIKE: range of evolved bricks which can contain insects, flowers and birds:

- Reached the final of the Adream 2012 Contest by the Picardie and Türingen regions

- The agency got closer to several partners (school, brickyard, property developer, environmental engineering firm, biodiversity protection association) in order to make this brick concept come to life.

• Octave: a mobile and adjustable device to park bikes made from eco-designed concrete

- Won in October 2012 Ur'Bike Contest organised by Lille Design. PiKS is behind the Octave project

- Project was supported by Doublet, Sita, Les Mines de Douai, Neo-Eco recycling

The implementation of such an ecosystem also exists in the more conventional activities of the agency which works with a network of partner companies, whether sub or co-contractors.

The agency rejects any growth model based on vertical integration. Suppliers are seen as true partners in the co-building of the customer's projects. A dozen of companies make up this constellation of players. These partners are all local companies with which the agency developed real bonds, built over time.

Launch of the company "La Fonction n°1" with a young female entrepreneur:

The product, wich is sold internationally, is exclusively made in France and puts forward French know how. This describes the "excubation phenomenon" where the company will encourage and finance the emergence of start-ups which are linked to it.


  • Development of new business models and of new products
  • More loyalty in collaborations (ex: Neo-Eco recycling)


  • Most of the time, eco-designed products (ex: Octave station) respecting biodiversity (ex: Brike)
  • Pleasure of working with several complementary players
  • Freedom for the choice of the projects to develop
4 (2014)
300 000 € (2013)


107B Rue Montgolfier


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