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PLASTIC BANK recycles waste to help poverty in Haiti

4. Environment

Waste management


David Katz, founder and CEO of Plastic Bank is an entrepreneur of the circular economy with a triple bottom line (people, planet and profits). Founded in 2013, its company called the Plastic Bank, was built in order to transform plastic waste into a bargaining chip to give them a value in the eyes of the poorest, in order to reduce poverty and pollution of the oceans.


  • Create new jobs in low- income communities
  • Encourage plastic collectors to become micro-entrepreneurs
  • Provide via Plastic Bank the opportunity to exchange the plastic it against goods or services to improve the daily lives of the collectors.
  • Demonstrate the commercial interest of plastic waste and find a profitable outlet to stop the production of new plastics.


  • Establishing partnerships with local NGOs to involve them in the process of collection.
  • Promote jobs that employ people that will take charge of a small infrastructure
  • The suppliers ( local ) , collect plastic waste and exchange it for money, goods or services
  • The waste is then processed and sent to a plant where they are processed into raw materials : this is the principle of circular economy.
  • This "social plastic" is then bought by producers that will establish new products, and commercialize them


  • Plastic Bank received the Community Award Sustainia at the COP 21
  • New International Partnerships


  • The program has collected more that 3,000,000 lbs in 2014-2015 alone.
  • 2015-2016 targets are 5,000,000 lbs and opening 30 new collection centres.
  • Completion in 2015 of a partnership which impacts more than 1,000 Haitians
  • In 2016 , Plastic Bank plans to recycle over 22,500 tons of plastic waste and improve the living conditions of thousands of Haitians through social plastic.
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