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POCHECO invests in Ecolonomies : to work economically, work ecologically !

4. Environment

Green design


Manufacturer of ecovelopes®, envelopes for automatic insertion which respect the environment, for the past 15 years POCHECO has implemented a strategy of sustainable development and differentiation.


 The activity and the strategy of POCHECO are guided by 3 « ecolonomic » principles:

  •  Reduce environmental impact
  • Improve working conditions
  •  Improve productivity


The company is constantly developing its products, its process and its site and also diversifying its main activity.

Paper from sustainable managed forests, unbleached and lighter weight
Water based, solvent free ink and glue
Improved transport and packaging


Energy from the machines is used to heat the factory
Process water is cleaned naturally on site by bamboo
Use of rainwater in industrial process

Ecorenovation of an industrial site built in 1850

Beehives on a green roof
Solar panels
Natural air conditioning
Natural lighting
Collection and use of rainwater

Communication by internet is a very real threat to the envelope. POCHECO wishes to guarantee the durability of the company by diversifying its main activity and thereby continuing to offer employment to its 114 employees :
- Pocheco Canopée Reforestation: Association for reforestation of the Northern Region of France. (7000 trees planted since 2009).
- Pocheco Canopée Conseil: Consulting in « ecolonomical » techniques
- Pocheco Hybride Mailing: Postal sorting

Pocheco is a company, which prioritizes the well-being of each person for the benefit of the team. Recruitment from all walks of life, internal communication, training, distribution of the profits

Best Practice awarded in 2011 by Réseau Alliances and updated in 2012 to reflect its evolution.


  •  Profits : 5% for the past 3 years
  • Reduced costs thanks to constant research regarding raw materials (boxes, pallets, plastic film, waste, energy …)


It is pleasant to work at Pocheco:

Comfortable and modern premises
Receptive to sport and art
Stable staff turnover – 2%

Energy consumption :

Electricity : - 21% over 3 years
Gas : - Elimination
CO2 : - 7% over 1 year

100 salariés
21 millions d'euros


13, rue des Roloirs


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