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PRECIOUS WOODS manages Amazonian Forests in a sustainable way

4. Environment

Biodiversity and sustainable resource management


Wood from Brazil currently represents 80% of global trade, compared with 14% in 1988. The very fact of over-exploiting amazonian forest caused 1/5 of its area to vanish.


- Managing forests in a sustainable way.

- Playing a role in the reforestation of abandoned pastureland.

- Selling FSC certified wood.


Precious Woods developed a Forest Management Scheme that preserves the forests’ life cycle.

- Species are selected, 1 tree out of 2 is cut down per hectare every 25 years (this is the period the forest needs to regenerate),

- Biological areas and corridors are preserved,

- Abandoned or degraded pastureland is reforested.


The company is also committed to improving the working conditions and well-being of the employees and their families.


- The company got the FSC label that attests to sustainable management and quality according to international buyers

- There is a growth in sales.


- Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 851,385 tons

- Regenerating the degraded eco-system thanks to pastureland reforestation.

53 400 000 €

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