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PROSPÉRITÉ FERMIÈRE/INGREDIA reduces its carbon footprint

4. Environment

Energy / Greenhouse Gases (GHG)


Ingredia is a Limited Company created in 1991 by the Cooperative Group "La Prospérité Fermière", which collects the milk of 1,800 members in the Nord-Pas de Calais region. The primary mission of Ingredia is to give value to all the milk of our members (milk powders, milk protein). Prospérité fermière / Ingredia choses to develop its activities in the frame of a CSR approach, notably by doing its Carbon Balance.


  • Better knowledge of the impact the company has on the climate
  • Implementing actions to reduce emissions


Ingredia performed its Carbon Balance on the Saint-Pol-Sur-Ternoise factory site. It was made voluntarily, in order to better assess the impact of the company on the climate.

This balance clearly outlined the very high contribution of milk in the carbon footprint of the company.

Following this balance, emission reducing actions were set in place at the Saint-Pol-Sur-Ternoise factory:

• Adapting technologies to limit impact:

o Biomass boiler set up in 2008

o Installation in 2011 of heat exchangers of this boiler

o Replacement of the burner of the auxiliary gas boiler

o Greasy steam mechanical recompression concentrator which consumes less energy

• The site at Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise is a Low-energy building since 2010

• Limiting the impact of packaging:

o PET boxes and bottles are compacted at the drinking milk workshop

o Used pallets are sold to Artois palette Service which crushes them and then recovers them (biomass boiler)

o Colostrum (the liquid preceeding milk) buckets are recovered,cleaned and crushed by a local association

• Optimisation of collecting circuits

The realisation of energy audits for the members of the cooperative Group is in the wake of this balance and aims at tackling the problem of reducing carbon footprint of breedings


  • Money savings due to energy savings: 1,100 K€ (sale of CO2 allowances)
  • Profitability of the investment : 5 years
  • Image of the cooperative: strongly committed to sustainable development


  • Biomass boiler: 95 kT of gas saved / year (or 4,600 Tonnes of Carbon equivalent)

o Heat exchangers: 4,566MWH PCI of wood savings

  • Auxiliary gas boiler burner: 6,160 MWH saved / year
  • 5,000T of CO2 saved / year
  • Tranport of the collected milk: 15% of the km/s covered saved / year
456 (2014)
420M€ (2013)


51 avenue Fernand Lobbedez
62000 Arras


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