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Redefining business models to create positive impact for society – Best practice at BRASKEM: the environment and the chemical industry

4. Environment

Energy / Greenhouse Gases (GHG)


Installed in Sao Paulo, Brasil since 2002, Braskem is now the largest petrochemical company in Latin America and the 8th largest resin producer worldwide. Braskem works to develop a sustainable chemical industry by taking the following 6 aspects into account in its business : goals and initiatives, material analysis, society, green economy, green products, and preservation of life.


  • Seek innovation to serve people better with products having more safety, convenience, and comfort 
  • Offer sustainable product, which is good for both clients and environment
  • Engage every employee to innovate by giving them a specific target


  • Innovation permeates Brakem’s entire production and process. For example, Braskem led to the launch of world’s first certified green polyethylene made from sugarcane, a 100% renewable source
  • Braskem has intensified its research concerning renewable chemicals - products made from renewable raw materials
  • Braskem has a broad and diversified portfolio of chemical petrochemical products, essential raw materials manufactured in accordance with best practices of eco-efficiency and sustainable development
  • ETBE is a gasoline bio additive partially made from sugarcane ethanol

Production process for green PE


  • Braskem works with third party audit teams to assess its financial performance but it’s very difficult to evaluate the direct economic result of environmental responsibility.


  • Less pollution thanks to degradable and eco-friendly materials
8126 salariés (2015)
19,8 milliards deuros (2015)


Soto Jorge, Responsable du développement durable

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