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SNCF commits for sustainable mobility

4. Environment

Sustainable mobility


As a global mobility actor, SNCF fully engages in the transition towards sustainable mobility, a key sector for a more ecological and social future. The rail transportation group develops complementary mobility offers to provide an individual and tailored answer to every travelers’ needs and to fully engage in the transition for a gentle, multimodal and inclusive mobility.


  • For travelers: provide a financially attractive and collaborative mobility, an appealing alternative to private transport to facilitate and smooth mobility through “soft” and collective modes of transportation.
  • For commodities : offer a more ecological and multimodal transportation (rolling motorways, container trains, road, rail inland waterway combination when relevant)


Door to door

To complement its core railway offer, SNCF develops a sustainable mix for travelers: 

As the carppooling leader in daily transportation, iDVROOM proposes a carpooling offer to reduce the environmental impact of urban transportation and to facilitate the access to train stations.

To develop the access to biking, bike parking are promoted nearby train station with an expansion objective of 40%. In certain stations a complete bike offer is deployed with classical, folding, electric bike rental, self-service bikes and designated parking spaces. Last but not least, an electric scooter offer is currently under study to be proposed in stations. 

On car rental, Zipcar (global leader for car sharing and SNCF partner) and OuiCar (a group subsidiary which offers pear-to-pear car rental) offer adaptable solutions for less frequented stations. Ouicar has registered 1 million subscriptions in 2016.

The mobile app iDPASS offers to facilitate alternative transportation modes through a unique pass. SNCF also teamed up with RATP, Gemalto and Orange to create Wizway Solution, a single transport document under development that will be available on smartphones. 

A sustainable mobility offer for merchandises

SNCF deploys eco responsible solutions all along its clients’ supply chain. The group proposes a wide range of multimodal solutions for shippers (combination of transportation modes: railway, sea shipping and air for international flows), strengthened by new solutions under development for the final mile delivery (natural gas vehicle, electric vehicle, electric scooter).

SNCF is commited as well in sustainable mobility education : read the best practice 

Best practice spotted in 2017 by World Forum for a Responsible Economy


  • Support the group development from a mere railway service to the provider of innovative mobility solutions
  • Anticipate the travelers’ evolving needs (shared mobility will stand for 30% of the mobility offer by 2030)
  • Reinforce a strong territorial anchorage beyond the railway offer, with for instance 100 new multimodal hubs created by 2020


  • Favor inclusive mobility, accessible to all
  • Develop an integrated sustainable mobility offer to strengthen SNCF contribution to reduce the impact transportation has on the environment
260 000 (2017)
33.5 milliards d’euros (2017)


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