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TEXTIFLOOR: an approach based on the product service system

4. Environment

Green design


Textifloor was created in late 2012, and offers companies a new service: long-term leasing of slab flooring (textile or PVC). The recognition of an often deteriorated work environment is what pushed the founders to Textifloor to develop this concept. The principle is based on transforming a conventional sale of a product (carpet)into a service provided to companies (maintenance and leasing of the product)


    • Encouraging the use of ecologically responsible products
    • Innovating and being part of Tomorrow's business models


    The model which Textifloor has developed is close to product service system and circular economy. It is an integrated and global solution of flooring management: delivery, laying, maintenance and recyling with the possibility of having equipment for floor vacuuming and cleaning. 

    • Textifloor is partly into the product service system:

    - The offer provided is completely consistent with customer's expectations thanks to the product expertise of the founders (adapting the offer depending on the use: to obtain the same result, products are not necessarily the same) 

    - the product is not sold but its use is leased, a real proximity relationship with the customers is created, and a long-term one as the length of  leases proposed ranges from 3 to 6 years.

    - carpet is not solely flooring, it also has effect in terms of noise in the room and on health as well (use performance)

    • Textifloor's approach is based on a dynamics of colloboration and circularity:

    - Eco-conception approach from the creation of the product thanks to its partnership with Interface (world leader of textile slabs manufacturing)

    - During the whole contract and at the products' end of life, slabs are changed, recovered, and stored in order to be used again (depending on their condition)

    - Products at end of life are being recovered through recycling (as raw material for new carpets, as as alternative combustible material) or donations to associations

    • Textifloor's offer enables an optimised use of carpet, while floors are usually completely changed when 15% of the surface is deteriorated, here only the deteriorated parts are being changed.


      • For the customers:
      o No heavy cash contribution at start: the cost is spread evenly during the length of the contract
      • More customer loyalty
      • "Coup de coeur" award at the 2013 ARSEG Trophies 


        • Manufacturing and maintenance of products carried out respecting the environment
        • Recycling or 2nd life for the products
        • Materials and resources savings
        • For the customers: 
        o Ideal environment (clean and sound)
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