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TF1 implements a company mobility pan for its employees

4. Environment

Sustainable mobility


Television Française 1 (TF1) is the first and oldest Frenchnational television channel created January 1st 1975. Privatized from1986 to 1987, the channel is now public and accessible to all; with 23% of market share on french soil in 2014. TF1 is committed to quality, ethics and the ethics of its programs, but also for longterm relationships with its suppliers, the employability of its collaborators. Regarding the reduction of its environmental impacts, TF1 is implementing in 2010 a company mobility plan.


  •  Respond to the CSR challenges of  the company, including environmental issue
  •  Reduce a measurable impact: the GHG emitted by the travels between home and work of the employees (10% of the undertaking GHG)
  •  Raise awareness and motivate contributors to the commitments of the company


In the operational sites as for the reporters, the Direction of General Affairs, the employees and the other service providers everyone has a strong desire to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.
In 2010, TF1's company mobility plan tries to encourage the workforce to adopt a more responsible behavior regarding the environment, by favoring public transportation or bikes instead of using their own car.

The company implements the incentives means :

- Repay 80% of the Navigo Pass
- Repay 60% to 80% of the Velib Pass
- Offer a brand new car sharing service for the employee's business travel
- Develop new garage for two-wheeled
- Develop a new carpool service for employees
- Generalize the use of Excellium for all the vehicles used by reporters and hybrid cars at test
In addition, a partnership with the Grand Paris Seine Ouest agglomeration community also permitted to :

- Increase the frequency of the bus line 189 for the Boulogne site
- Create new secured cycle tracks
- Construct a new Velib station near the main office

The last survey showed that the use private cars decreased, as the employees preferred to adopt a new attitude toward transportation. The use of electrical cars increased, as for the use of Velib.

Best Practice spotted by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy 2014.


  •  Public trust in the commitments of the company, growth in the share of audience (+ 2.3%) and results
  •  Employee involvement


  •  Reduction of TF1’s carbon footprint
  •  Awareness of employees and their relatives to the alternative means of transport to the individual different means of transport other than the individual car
2,186 milliards deuros


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