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The ADEO Group inaugurates in Ronchin a model site for its design features

4. Environment



With 25 firms located across 13 countries and operating under different brands, the Adeo Group is France's number one performer in the international market for DIY / building supplies (2nd European, 4th worldwide).

The Ronchin (Group headquarters) site, developed as a collective effort that began in 2007, satisfies a double requirement, for its consistency with ADEO Group values and its exemplarity as regards social and environmental responsibility. Built with the aim of promoting innovation as part of a trend in favor of sustainable housing, this site has been designed to host exchanges and share knowledge, creativity and innovation, with an emphasis on proximity and collaboration.


- Operating at the cutting edge of innovation in promoting sustainable housing, by making available to all employees, stores and partners a model site, offering a skills showcase and inspiring all Group stakeholders


The site, which encompasses 27,900 m² of offices and working spaces, is composed of a renovated building compliant with the BBC renovation standard and two extensions compliant with the Passivhaus standard (i.e. 90% less energy consumption than a conventional building).

The southern facade is covered by photovoltaic panels, capable of generating the site's total electricity needs. The materials introduced were selected for their economic, ecological and sustainable characteristics: wood (poplar) and reconstituted stone stapled directly onto the facade.

Inside temperature is maintained thanks to a 26-cm thick layer of hemp wool insulation. For the premises extensions, the structure was built using plain concrete, covered by 30 cm of insulation. Air tightness is ensured by windows locked shut, with indoor air quality relying on double-flow mechanical ventilation that serves to recycle the caloric input. In the extensions, interior gardens, designed as a place to congregate, help purify the air and contribute to the building's 100% natural air conditioning, with flues placed directly above. Moreover, solar protection blinds are programmed to close and open depending on building temperature, and a night cooling system has been implemented to refresh the building. The presence of people, computer equipment and high-efficiency insulation is sufficient to eliminate any onsite need for a heating system.

Rainwater collection gutters have been installed along the building's exterior, draining runoff water from the parking lot into an infiltration zone in back.

Rainwater recovery is channeled, among other uses, to the site's lavatories, resulting in annual water savings on the order of 1,000 m3.

18 m² of solar panels placed on the roof cover the facility's hot water supply needs.

Building lighting is optimized thanks to the site's glass enclosure, as well as to the window height. As a matter of fact, the lack of suspended ceilings made it possible to expand office windows by 30% (which translates into 30% more incoming light, hence 30% less electrical consumption). The offices are all equipped with motion sensor light fixtures.


  • Energy and natural resource savings (water, lamps, etc.)
  •  Inaugurated in January 2012, this site was developed at a cost per square meter equivalent to that of conventional office construction, yet with an exemplary ecological footprint and return on investment


- Preservation of the dedicated site, respect of local biodiversity

- LowerCO2 emissions- Place for exchange and collaboration
- 1,000 m3 of water saved each year
- 30% more incoming light, resulting in 30% less electricity consumption
114 000 salariés (2019)
23 milliards € (2019)


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