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The AUCHAN Group opens its first HQE-certified warehouse in Trappes

4. Environment



Within the scope of its multifaceted development strategy across the Paris Region (with new stores and new brands), Auchan has opted to combine the warehousing activities of its facilities in Epône and Trappes (Yvelines Dept.) at a single site, giving rise to the new green warehouse in Trappes. Auchan has undertaken the design and construction of an HQE©-certified building (compliant with the High Quality Environmental standard) on the derelict Sernam logistics site.


  • Create a logistics site capable of satisfying the following criteria:
  • Recognition of environmental impacts generated by both projects: dismantling and construction
  • Aesthetic quality of the overall project and harmonious integration into the environment
  • Decrease in energy consumption through use of natural light
  • Environmental protection
  • Attention to personnel comfort and safety


The keys to successful project completion include:- All pollution from the former site has been cleaned and asbestos removed; 97% of the building materials used (wood, glass, steel) were recovered from demolition sites and reused.- Installation of a green roof system (covering 520 m2) above the building's utility rooms in order to improve heat exchange.- Creation of 2,880 m2 of natural lighting, equivalent to 6% additional overhead light, thanks to skylights (3 times greater than the regulatory requirement, set at 2%). A white interior paint better reflects the natural light, inclusion of motion detectors with illumination settings.- BBC©-certified building that yields energy savings of 55% electricity and 25% gas, compared to the former facility.- Water management features: partial recovery of rainwater from the roof for watering the site's landscaped areas, cleaning the ground and supplying toilets (tank capacity: 80 m3, annual recovery objective: 900 m3). Flow rate reducers installed on faucets, men's lavatories equipped with a waterless system.- Installation of solar thermal panels (covering 47.4 m2) to heat water supplying the showers and lavatories.- Implementation of a Technical Building Management system for the purpose of optimizing electricity, gas and water consumption inside the warehouse.- Waste management practices: sorting of recyclables in dedicated bins depending on existing waste streams. Each employee has been trained in the sorting protocol.- Ledger strips raised 20 to 50 cm off the ground, thus facilitating package handling and reducing the need to bend. Employees were closely involved in this project: multiple information sessions to better understand the Sustainable Development approach and best practices, group workouts with musical accompaniment to adapt to the new workstations, and an in-house contest organized to come up with the name of the new warehouse: "ECO-TRAPPES".


  • Attainment of the priority work goals set by Auchan France in the area of Sustainable Development ("A sustainable approach to building, renovations and operations")
  • Gain in profitability: 1,700 fewer trucks, 500,000 fewer km driven
  • Contribution to the Group's organic growth.


  • 525-ton drop in CO2 emissions per year, equivalent to a 45% decrease
  • Objective: 100% sorting of recyclable waste
  • Reduction in energy consumption amounting to 494 kWh / year / m² thanks to solar panels
  • Building employee awareness and introducing best practices to prevent workplace accidents.
60 570 (2014)
16.2 milliards € TTC (2014)

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