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The CAISSE D’EPARGNE NORD FRANCE EUROPE deploys it’s action plan to reduce its environmental impact

4. Environment

Energy / Greenhouse Gases (GHG)


As an extension of its Business Travel Plan, the Caisse d'Epargne Nord France Europe (CENFE) has accepted a logistics action plan aimed at reducing its environmental impact. In 2009, the company produced its first Carbon® assessment and followed this up by implementing an emissions reduction plan, resulting in a number of concrete actions.


Reduce the environmental impact through targeted action on:
- CENFE's vehicle fleet
- The use of paper of less than 80 grams
- Recycling of ink cartridges


The various actions have been developed by business experts and validated by the 11-person Sustainable Development Committee, which meets quarterly to discuss, decide and adopt concrete actions to be implemented.

A series of targeted actions have been adopted relative to:

- Transportation:

o    Corporate Mobility Plan; see dedicated Best Practice fact sheet;

o   Optimization of the service and professional vehicle fleet as well as vehicle use;

o    Check collection streamlining;

- Buildings:

o   Compliance with HQE or BBC criteria for the renovation and construction of CENFE's real estate holdings, both its head office and branch offices;

o    Development of initiatives to improve building energy efficiency (adaptation and optimization of air conditioning systems at 25 sites a year);

o   Use of low-consumption light bulbs - automatic shut-off of lights in offices outside of business hours - facade lighting (facade signs, totem signs) equipped with a timer, certified electronic equipment;

- Consumables:

o    Limitation of consumable use to an absolute minimum;

o    Introduction of a tracking system for electricity and paper consumption;

o    Logistics management optimization (office supplies, etc.);

o    Awareness-building among personnel regarding eco-friendly gestures (guide, presentations, e-learning sessions, etc.).


Best Practice selected by World Forum Lille in 2011 and updated in 2012 for its evolution.


- Significant contribution to social responsibility of the Caisse d'Epargne consistent with its identity and its original values


7 old service vehicles replaced with vehicles emitting less than 100g CO ² per km.

80gr paper replaced by 75gr paper = 750 trees saved per year

Savings generated the equivalent of:

-  daily water consumption of 11,307 people

-  2.5 dump trucks of waste

-  16 vehicles per year in CO²

-  the energy consumption of 13 homes / year

- recycling of all toner cartridges, and 95% use of recycled cartridges

2 263 (2011)
473 millions € (2011)


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Géraldine BENJAMIN

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