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The environmental approach of DECATHLON's Villages

4. Environment



Decathlon equips and runs activities for sports in its Villages! They are large and unique places where you can share sporting events, use equipment and play sports.
By uniting commercial spaces, areas of practice and protected nature areas, the Decathlon villages modify the classical concept of the shopping center. They transform a point of sale into a place that’s full of life!


Since 2008, Decathlon wanted to welcome its visitors to their Villages which are efficient and more environmentally friendly, by integrating, from the conception of the site, eco-construction, eco-management, comfort and health goals.
This strong commitment was then translated by the desire to obtain for each new Decathlon Village the HQE (High Environmental Quality) certification. Today, two villages are certified: Mondeville (near Caen) and Lavau (near Troyes).


The new environmental approach of the Decathlon Villages is to incorporate, from conception, their operating parameters. The initial investment is higher than for a traditional village, but operating costs are reduced, and eventually pays off the investment.

As part of the HQE certification of the Mondeville Village, special attention was paid to:

The relationship of the building with its immediate environment :
- Development of 17 hectares of land to create a complete environment to integrate the buildings.
- Treatment on the coated, cobblestone, and solid grass parking areas.

Water management :
- Limiting the sealing of the site (tracks, roads and parking lots)
- Collecting of rainwater in case of storms, through the rational management of water basins.
- No need for an outdoor sprinkler system as plants adapted to the local climate have been placed.
- Recovery of rainwater from roofs that fill the basins.
- Treatment and reuse of rainwater in the toilets.

Best Practice spotted in 2011 and updated in 2013.


  • Reduced energy costs compared to a traditional village
  • Making a choice, right from the construction, on more efficient and sustainable maintenance and operations solutions. Therefore more economical.
  • Example setting value 


  • Integration of buildings and facilities in their environment
  • Management of energy, water and waste.
  • Electric power consumption savings goal: 20 to 25% per year
  • Hydrothermal and visual comfort
94 000 (2019)
12,4 milliards € (2019)


4, boulevard de Mons
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq


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