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The NOVARTIS campus draws on geothermal energy

4. Environment

Energy / Greenhouse Gases (GHG)


Novartis is a global company specialized in the health sector and based in Bale, in Switzerland. It provides care solutions, which correspond to changing needs of patients and societies in the entire world. 

Novartis is committed to reducing its environmental impact for the good of the group and for that of society as well as future generations. The society invests in thermal energy storage in Switzerland for a better energy efficiency. 


  • Minimize fuel costs
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of new buildings
  • Reduce by half the energy consumption of buildings
  • Encourage Best Practices in the company 


The project consists of using a single closed system to provide all of the heating and cooling necessary for new buildings; heat is retained in thick limestone 220 meters underground. The Novartis system is kept on a heat pump and a network of more than 30 tubes, which are inserted in to the ground under the buildings, and then cemented in place.

During the summer, warm air fro the outside is sucked up in a heat exchanger through which cool air stored underground passes. This cools down the air and heats the water, which is then pumped in tubes and will increase the temperature of the surrounding rocks. With the outside temperature exceeding 30 degrees in summer, the system can keep  the indoor temperature below 26 degrees. Throughout summer, the temperature of the rock increases by slightly under 15 degrees, but this additional heat is more than sufficient to keep each building warm in the winter.

The thermal energy stored in the summer is transferred via the stone, producing hot water, which can be used to keep the building at 22 degrees. 


  • Savings of 31 000€ per year in utility costs


  • Yearly energy savings equaling on average enough for 22 homes
  • First building with thermal energy storage opened in 2014, welcoming offices for more than 200 collaborators
  • A laboratory used by 225 staff and an office building for 550 people open in 2015
118 700 salariés
49.4M$ (2015)


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