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Eco-friendly printing products with PCG

4. Environment

Green design


PCG is a printing company based in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, since 2008. It specializes in digital, offset and large format printing to respond to all the print material needs of businesses. The company counts with 6 employees as well as self-employed workers and a department dedicated to export.

Trade shows are events that, in the same space/time, bring supply and demand together and enable all the people involved in a sector to come together in order to develop and promote the profession. 

However, many of the materials and products used at these events are for single use only and are not necessarily recyclable.


  • To inform companies about the existing ecological graphics products alternatives for their business communication
  • To influence the purchase behavior of companies for their business communication
  • To reduce the ecological impact of companies in their business communication.
  • To make companies aware of recycling by offering them support in this process


This is why, since 2013, PCG offers ecological alternatives with its range of eco-furniture made in cardboard (100% recycling and recycle) and as well as its other printing services made with latex ink (posters, flyers, business cards…) that respect specific production process. These products are made for companies or self-employed people who want to adopt an eco-responsible approach.

The different actions established are:

  • Communication of the products and its advantages to the companies
  • Establishment of a responsible production system (optimization of the production process, utilization of papers with PEFC and FSC standards, ecological water-based latex ink printings, the recycling of toners and papers with the organism PUNT VERD of Barcelona city).
  • Training of staff in the products offered by the company
  • Recycling of all plastic materials used within the company
  • Waste reduction
  • Replacement of plastics with sustainable materials in the workplace
  • Promote internships that allowed students to carry out this mission and raise their awareness of eco-responsibility


  • Exportation activities reach 19,4% of the sales revenue for 2016 and 2018
  • Lower production costs due to the optimization of the production process


  • From 2013 to 2019, 11 interns were educated to the exportation profession and 16 interns were educated to the impression activity
  • Emergence of ecological initiatives inside the company
  • Awareness of companies about the ecological alternatives offered for their commercial communication
  • Membership of the Spanish Global Compact Network of the UN

Best Practices published in 2016 and updated in 2019.

12 personnes (2019)
403.637 € (2018)


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Responsable département export

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