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TNT delivers parcels in cities with electric scooters

4. Environment

Energy / Greenhouse Gases (GHG)


The transport sector represents 15% of the world’s CO2 emissions and 35% of global emissions in cities. TNT, a leading express parcel delivery company established in 2007 the "Planet Me" program, to reduce the impacts of its activities on climate change.


  •   Reducing CO2 emissions of the group by 45% by 2020.
  •   Becoming a leader in carbon neutral transport.
  •   Empowering employees and encourage concrete action.


The "Planet Me" program consists of three components:

- Count carbon: carbon footprint, communications, ideas for solutions

- Code Orange: identification of concrete commitments and actions on different sites (aircraft, vehicles, buildings, investments ...)

- Choose orange incentive to behave responsibly employees, organizational challenges

Deliveries of parcels in town, although it represents only a small part of the group's activities, are particularly expensive ecologically as well as economically (ex: noise, frequent stops, fuel consumption).

In France, TNT Express is developing an innovative carbon-neutral solution, in partnership with Becycle. After testing deliveries by bike on a smaller scale in the city of St. Etienne, the company uses an innovative electric scooter: the mechanical force of the pedals can recharge a lithium battery, which provides assistance that can propel the electric vehicle up to 25km/h. The advantages of this mode of transport are numerous:

- Ease of travel and parking near the place of delivery saves time (transport, delivery): saving time and money.

- Less noise pollution and no CO2 emissions.

- Visibility and advertising company with a logo on TNT scooter.

The project is multiplying: after Lyon (Becycle franchises), implementation of new generation scooters in Grenoble, Nancy, Dijon and Paris.



  •   Competitive position positively related to multiple environmental initiatives: testing of electric vehicles and alternatives, eco driving, reducing business travel.
  •   Electric scooter: saving time, saving fuel, maintenance, and free advertising of TNT’s green logo.


  •   TNT group: reduction of 125,000 tons of Green House Gaz Emissions in 2009.
  •   Electric Scooter: Zero Carbon emissions for the delivery of light parcels in the city, maintaining the speed by an electric motor powered by energy from the movement of the pedals.
  •   Multipliable Innovation.
10,4 Milliards €

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