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VOLVIC (DANONE Group) launches a plastic bottle made from organic material

4. Environment

Green design


Danone Eaux France (Danone), chose the brand Volvic to launch the first bottle made from organic materials. This action is part of the group’s strategy for eco-design products.


  •   Reduce / recycle / reuse plastic bottles
  •   Maintain water quality / consumer health
  •   Maintain a competitive position for the brand


Since 1995, Volvic has reduced the amount of plastic used for bottles by 30% thanks to innovations: the 5 Liter bottle in 2000, the 8 Liter eco reserve in 2009.

The company uses 100% recycled plastic with PET (polyethylene terephthalate). The bottles collected are ground into flakes, washed / purified and reused for different granular objects such as clothing, soft toys, pens, etc.

From 2008, thanks to a research program and after inspections from a food safety agency, Volvic introduced RPET (recycled PET) to make their 1.5 Liter bottles. The use of 25% RPET can reduce 11% of their carbon footprint.

In 2010, Volvic introduced plastic bottle composed of organic material, molasses from sugar cane, a renewable resource that limits the use of fossil energy (oil), thus creating bioPET (30% organic).

The new bottle (+ bioPET RPET) is 20% organic and 100% recyclable. It is lighter by 12%, and offers the same guaranteed quality of mineral water to the consumer.


  •   Reinforcing Volvic’s brand image as innovative and aware of environmental problems


  •   30% less plastic since 2005
  •   Reducing the carbon footprint by 35% with the 20% organic bottle

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