Involving employees in the company's CSR approach: four concrete examples

CSR is becoming an increasingly important part of corporate strategy. It is no longer just a matter of seeking profit. It is also about transforming practices and activities towards a more global performance: economic, environmental and social.

Many companies therefore wish to make a commitment. The major challenge is to get employees to participate in these major CSR issues.

Why do you want to involve your employees in the CSR process?

First of all, there are significant positive effects on the employer brand. Indeed, a company that engages its employees generates greater motivation, a stronger attachment to the company and thus reduces the turnover rate. The MEDEF 2020 barometer supports this argument as 83% of respondents see themselves staying with a company over the next 3 years if it has a positive impact on society.

In addition, a study conducted by JAM and published in February 2020 shows that more and more young people (15-25 years old) want a company that is committed to them as well as to the planet. They are 92% to want to work for a company in line with their values.

It is therefore an excellent way to attract new talents within the structure.

According to the Ekodev CSR barometer of 2020, 71% of employees of large groups consider themselves poorly or very poorly informed about their company's CSR strategy. Only 21% of them are involved in its implementation, while more than 70% say they are ready to contribute.

This data shows the need to involve them in the CSR process.

If this information has made you want to involve your employees in your CSR strategy, but you don't yet know how to do it, discover these 4 companies that have already taken up the challenge!




#1 - At Bonduelle, all employees are involved in the company's social transformation

Bonduelle is a French-based multinational company specializing in the industrial processing of vegetables: canned, frozen and fresh ready-to-use products.
In 2016, the company launched the "All Actors" approach. It aims to involve its 11,000 employees in corporate social responsibility. For this, several workshops are organized. They keep the employees informed about CSR issues related to the company's activity and explain the major commitments that will be made within the company.

They then invite them to reflect on what is already in place and working and what needs to be improved. This involves brainstorming sessions and collective action.

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#2 - Decoroom involves its employees in its CSR approach

Decoroom is a responsible event furniture rental company created in 2007 that offers a wide range of products. The company puts CSR at the heart of its activity. For example, it promotes the circular economy and collaborates with many local actors.
This whole strategy is thought out with the involvement of the employees. Indeed, they are 100% involved in the company's organization and decision-making. To this end, steering committees and boards are organized to discuss various CSR-related issues with them.

Four employees participate in the boards twice a year. During a half-day meeting, all structuring and strategic subjects are discussed, such as growth opportunities, salary increases or new product lines.  Decisions are taken in a collegial manner. If the members do not reach a consensus, the four employees call on all the staff and a meeting is held again two weeks later to confirm a particular point.

Social ties between the company's various employees are fostered by regular meetings throughout the year. Workshops are also frequently organized to raise awareness of safety in the company and minimize the risk of work-related accidents.


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#3 - Ramery's transversal approach to unite its employees

The family-owned building and public works group Ramery has nearly 3,000 employees divided into 5 complementary businesses. In 2017, Ramery decided to structure its CSR strategy for the entire group, with a 5-year action plan, broken down into 5 transversal commitments.

In order to establish a common vision for all, Ramery opts for a single, transversal CSR strategy that involves all the group's employees. The CSR approach is then co-constructed with the consultation of all employees.

In parallel, an internal communication plan on social networks is launched in 2018 to raise awareness of the CSR approach among employees. This includes the So Creativ mobile application, which allows employees to share articles on Ramery's CSR actions.

In May 2018, the company is also setting up the CSR wheel to present its CSR commitments and the concrete actions implemented in a fun and participatory format.


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#4 - Decathlon places its employees at the heart of its strategy

Decathlon is a French company specializing in sports and leisure activities. It places its employees as the company's first ambassadors, allowing them to contribute and participate daily in its development.
Since 2015, Decathlon has started a collaborative work approach. The objective is to involve all its employees in the company's strategy by building a common long-term vision. To do this, Decathlon has sought information from "below" (from employees) to transmit it to "above" (to the leaders).

This approach is divided into 4 steps, one of which is called "Inspire". It involves external people to inspire employees and give them a vision of working conditions in the next ten years. 

To monitor this project on a daily basis, Decathlon uses satisfaction barometers "Decathlon Teammates Barometer". In 2019, more than 43% of employees are involved in the company's projects.


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And you, how do you involve your employees in your CSR strategy? Were these examples inspiring?

See you soon for new CSR Tutorials!


Fadimatou Ben Kaigama