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AG2R LA MONDIALE encourages its employees to use alternative means of transportation

4. Environment

Sustainable mobility


AG2R LA MONDIALE was created in 2008 from the merger of a mutual insurance company (La Mondiale) with a joint social protection group (AG2R). Réunica will join this group in 2015.
As a reminder, the Group launched a PDE on its main site in 2004. The subject has gained momentum because travel is for the Group, after asset management, the most greenhouse gas-emitting item (about 40% of emissions, asset management being outside the scope of consolidation). This importance is taken into account every year for business travel, home-to-work, administrators' and visitors' travel.


  • Reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Improve behavior (be an agent for change);
  • Decrease the frequency of single-person car trips;
  • Help raise employees' state of well-being (correlated with a healthy workplace);
  • Optimize transportation-related expenses;
  • Become a better neighbor;
  • Act to prevent road risks by adopting eco-driving techniques.


AG2R LA MONDIALE, the first company in the North of France to have set up a company travel plan (PDE) at the Mons en Baroeul site in 2004, worked closely with local partners (CCI, Réseau Alliances, SNCF, Mobivia, Transpôle, Citéo, ADEME and MACIF) to strengthen inter-company actions on mobility and strengthen its best practices. Employees are regularly made aware of the challenges of mobility and travel, during European Mobility Week and through internal challenges. The preparation of mobility plans maintains mobilization.

Examples of actions :

  • Surveys on the modes of transport used
  • On-site animation and presentations of electric vehicles of all kinds and recently of hydrogen bicycles
  • If we can move otherwise we can also move less by developing teleworking, in particular, which is almost fully deployed.


  • Lowers the risks of stress and accidents among the workforce
  • Reduces transportation-related costs (parking, automobile fleet)


  • Addresses public health concerns
  • Sets a new trend
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increases public transit ridership
  • Alleviate traffic congestion
10237 (2020)
28,3 Md € (2020)


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