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Dunkerque LNG (EDF group) is constructing an LNG terminal with ambitious SER objectives in collaboration with its public partners in the local area

4. Environment

Biodiversity and sustainable resource management


Led by Dunkerque LNG, 65% of which is owned by EDF, the Dunkirk LNG terminal project got under way in 2006 following a request for proposals issued by the Port of Dunkirk (GPMD). As the second-largest industrial construction site in France, it represents €1 billion in investment and is due to be deployed at the end of 2015. 

From the very beginning, this project was covered by commitments agreed upon with the local area on environmental, economic and social issues, with Dunkerque LNG placing an emphasis on two factors: forward planning and the involvement of all stakeholders.


  • Minimise the environmental impacts of the terminal's construction and compensate for them.
  • Involve all local stakeholders as part of a networking rationale.


Compensatory environmental measures 
The terminal's block plan was modified in order to protect plant and animal species.
To offset the project's impact on fauna, flora and natural habitats, two measures have been defined together with an expert committee and presented early on to environmental associations:
• Creation of a 20-hectare humid feeding area for migratory birds in the town of Gravelines, management of which is entrusted to the North Departmental Council.
• Creation of a 4.5-hectare area dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity within the boundaries of the Gravelines nuclear power plant.

 Economic support measures Systematic efforts are made to take an approach that supports the local area:• Local economic development together with the Opal Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI): in August 2015, 59% of the 853 contracts awarded went to businesses established in the Nord Pas de Calais region.• Creation of a website dedicated to accommodation capacities near the terminal - together with the CCI and the Urban Community of Dunkirk (CUD) - to provide an offering to meet demand stemming from the construction site.• Development of an R&D sector connected with cooling together with the ULCO (University of the Littoral Opal Coast), the CUD, the Ecole des Mines engineering school and several local industry players (INNOCOLD).• A one-stop-shop together with the Pôle Emploi job agency and the Entreprendre Ensemble nonprofit association on the construction site for businesses seeking qualified workers; the associated training plan is estimated at 235,000 training hours and has a budget of €3 million. Community support measures • Promotion of kitesurfing within a safe environment at approved locations.• Participation in the creation of a leisure lake and an open-air swimming facility.• Creation of a nature centre.• Agreements with associations observing animal species at the site during the construction phase, then during operations.• Assistance with the redeployment of construction workers through a local forward-looking employment and skills management procedure involving employment/training organisations and businesses. Best Practice spotted in 2012 by World Forum and updated in 2015.


  • Guaranteed gas supplies for EDF (competitive portfolio to supply its customers and production facilities).
  • Cover 20% of France and Belgium's annual natural gas consumption.


  • Paid employment for 1,900 people at the construction site during the peak period and planning for their redeployment: 627 contracts signed in October 2012.
  • Development of biodiversity at a local level: 24.5 hectares developed.
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