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KEOLIS LILLE sparks new ways to travel and promotes all forms of mobility

4. Environment

Sustainable mobility


Beginning January 1st, 2011, within the scope of its public service delegation contract, the Keolis Group subsidiary Keolis Lille became one of France's only transit networks - and one of just a few throughout Europe - to operate and propose, in coordination with Lille area residents (northern France), all of the complementary mobility solutions or alternatives to use of the private car, from metro service to bicycle facilities while not overlooking automobile-sharing and carpooling.


  • Proceed with a full-scale modification of trip-making modes within the Lille Metropolitan area in order to reduce, or even eliminate altogether, use of the private passenger car:
  • By 2020, raise public transit modal share from 10% to 20% and the bicycle trip share from 2% to 10%;
  • Reduce reliance on the automobile for daily trip-making from 56% to 35%
  • Provide transit riders with an entire network of urban mobility amenities that meet all trip-making needs, for a more intuitive and personalized level of mobility


Keolis Lille lays out and operates a multimodal and fully-integrated transit network that allows for a "seamless" trip-making sequence from point A to point B whereby the rider can, at any time during the trip, choose his/her preferred mode of transportation.

An efficient metro-tram-bus network adapted to local residents' new lifestyles:

Extended service times, including on weekends and at night, without any adjustments for holiday periods / Shorter headways during rush hour / More direct bus routes (serving all residential and employment nodes) offering greater proximity (peripheral lines or city center connections) / On-demand services like taxis available under the same fare conditions as the Transpole network both where (outlying zones) and when (evenings, weekends) necessary.

A unique possibility in France: riding on any regional transit line in the Lille Metropolitan area with a Transpole pass.

An incentive to opt for "green" transportation solutions:

A cycling plan that combines self-service rentals in urban centers for short trips; longer rental periods for suburban residents preferring to cycle to the train or metro station; construction of many more secure bike parking shelters.

Services that allow for a complementary or alternative use of the private car:
- 4,000 spaces reserved in park & ride lots for automobile-to-metro transfers;
- A carpooling assistance service to enable employees from the same company or business park and residents of the most outlying towns to commute together in the same vehicle;
- An automobile sharing service intended to lower the number of cars on the road.

By the end of 2012, Lille area residents will be issued so-called "passpass" smart cards offering complete unrestricted access to all transportation modes on the network, including park & ride lots and bike garages. This card will be rechargeable at all points of sale as well as by Internet.

Best Practice spotted by the World Forum Lille in 2012 and updated in 2014.


  • Achievement of ridership and revenue objectives set by the Lille Metropolitan Council
  • Sales revenue trends:
2010: €243 million
2011: €271 million
2012: €298 million
2013: €310 million
  • Image of a company that has successfully anticipated and integrated the full panoply of public transit improvement tools.


  • Positive impact on household savings: greater social cohesion
  • Positive impact on the environment: combating global warming and air pollution
  • Contribution to road safety and noise mitigation
  • Greater attraction to the metropolitan area through a guaranteed ease of accessibility both intra-zone and inter-zone vs. a situation of automobile congestion
2850 (2014)
310 M€ (2013)


24 bd Carnot
59000 LILLE


Thierry DUC, Directeur Qualité et Développement Durable

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