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LYRECO deploys a Mobility Plan for the well-being of People and the Environment

4. Environment

Sustainable mobility


Lyreco France is a subsidiary of the Lyreco Group, the European leader and third largest global player in the distribution of products and services for businesses. Headquartered in Marly (Hauts-de-France), Lyreco France has over 2,000 employees and meets the needs of companies by offering them a selection of 12,000 products divided into 4 ranges (Office Supplies, Tech & Print, Life@Work, Industrial Environment).

For several years, Lyreco France has been committed to integrating CSR into its strategy and limiting the environmental, social and societal impact of its activities.


  • Encouraging the use of gentler transport and optimizing travel

  • Creating a supportive and pleasant working environment to enable employees to combine their professional and personal lives


Transport and travel is Lyreco's most impactful business area. At the beginning of 2019, after a survey of 2,100 employees, the company determined that the car is the preferred mode of transport for 88% of employees. It then decides to draw up a Mobility Plan to find alternatives to the private car.

A Mobility Plan set up in several parts:

  • Encouraging car-sharing: a car-sharing platform has been set up in order to share journeys between employees. In partnership with IDVROOM, this solution now makes commuting easier, reduces transport costs and protects the environment.

  • Introducing teleworking: a teleworking experiment has been underway since October 2018 for 150 volunteer employees, with the possibility for head office employees to work from home one day a week.

  • Optimizing the loading of delivery vehicles: the objective is to better fill parcels and trucks. A transport software (Masternaut) allows to maximize the filling of trucks (by controlling the payload of the latter) and optimizes the route of each round to reduce the number of kilometers. The entire fleet of vehicles has been renewed to consume less fuel.

  • Raising awareness of eco-driving: all delivery drivers are trained in eco-driving and challenged annually by a bonus.

This approach was rewarded at the 2019 Responsible Economy Trophies, GOLD MENTION in the "companies with more than 500 employees" category.


  • In 2017, Lyreco received the "Coup de coeur" award from the Jury of the Cercle SIRH.

  • For the eighth consecutive year, Lyreco is among the 40 companies labelled Top Employer by the CRF Institute.


  • Profits made thanks to the Mobility Plan

- 10% of employees registered on the carpooling platform.

- After a 20% decrease in its CO2 emissions between 2012 and 2017, Lyreco France is now maintaining a 3% decrease in its emissions every year.

- Vehicle fuel consumption has decreased from 5.67 L/100km to 5.09 L/100km while the tonnage transported has increased by 28% (reduction in the number of trips).


  • Better work-life balance for employees

- 150 employees are currently testing teleworking and 86% of employees say they are happy to work at Lyreco.


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