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ORANGE's Northern France Division reinforces its Company Transportation Plan to promote the use of non-car transportation modes

4. Environment

Sustainable mobility


Orange is one of the leading telecommunication operators serving 250 million customers worldwide. CSR is deeply embedded in the culture of the company and its history. Orange was built on a foundation of core values that guide their vis- à-vis action principles to all its stakeholders. As part of its sustainable development, Orange northern France has set up a CTP.


This Company Transportation Plan satisfies a desire to promote alternatives to motor vehicle use and thereby illustrates our corporate social responsibility and commitment in the area of sustainable development. This plan is applicable to employees throughout all units located within the geographical territory of Orange's Northern France Division (Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Picardy and Champagne-Ardenne); it introduces measures intended to favor public transit and greener modes of transportation for commute trips and professional travel.


Orange Northern France began discussions around sustainable mobility in 2010. After negotiations with the trade unions, the first Company Transportation Plan was signed in 2011, focusing on the commuting of employees:

  • Bike: Orange participates financially in the purchase of an item per person every 3 years and in the maintenance of a two wheeler annually. The employees commit to using them regularly to come to work (during summer).

- Classic Bike: 150 € for purchase and 60€/year for maintenance and security

- Electric bikes: 300€ + 75€/year

- Electric scooters: 450€ + 150€/year


  • Carpooling: those wishing to carpool sign a charter committing them to be at least 2 (not couples) in their car and receive a badge providing access to reserved parking spaces.
  • Training in eco-driving
  • Intranet site and hotline
  • Organization of CTP villages
  • Quarterly monitoring with indicators


Since 2016, the 2nd generation of CTP has been launched with the integration of business travel:


  • Clean vehicles: Orange France has committed to buy 200 electric cars by the 31/12/2015. However, field technicians require strong autonomy (over 100km / day, with a load of 2 people and 300 kg of material). These needs are not taken into account by the electric car.
  • Digital communication tools
  • Annual Carbon©  Balance


Best practice identified by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy and Réseau Alliances in 2010 and updated in 2016.


  •   Federation of employees around a company project.


  • 2011 – 2015: -850 TeqC on trips home/work.
  • 1st Prize of the Challenge mobility to use public transport , 500 employees category.
  • 300 employees have a subscription to Public Transport.
  • 165 bicycle parking spaces in 14 places.
  • 150 participations for the purchase of a 2 wheeler.
  • 1,200 employees trained in eco -driving.
40,23 Milliards deuros (France)


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59650 Villeneuve dAscq


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